New traps or darts

should add more traps to help defend ur base. pets and thralls work but should be able to set up trip wire traps or fall traps and some make shift traps like the elevator traps work but not the best. but trip wire traps could drop big objects active bombs or floor traps to drop into a pit of spikes or maybe arrows from the wall that have to be loaded with arrows or darts. or make sleeping darts for pvp to knock out and capture ur foe to put in a prison i could keep goin but these are a few thoughts ive had

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yes sleepin smoke grenades: conan vs solid snakes f.o.b. XD

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More options related to traps would be great. In particular, the ability to setup conditional triggers for doors and other interact-able objects would be awesome.


i agree. even a simple floor trap would be nice something more then just palisades. u can craft bombs why not a trigger plat to set the bombs off?

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