Traps.. more traps.. dlc traps)

I want to build something like a labyrinth with traps and I need a set of building elements like:

  • Deployable pressure plates (almost invisible) if stepped, emitting a sound of hidden mechanism and activating a bound deadly… surprise (or just opening the door)
  • retractable spikes from floor/walls/ceiling (from the Foundation block)
  • hatches disguised as normal blocks and opening… down
  • wall or ceiling containers for drop-out orbs
  • ceiling/walls, smoothly moving… and pressing
  • spikes/arrows/fire shooting out of the walls
  • hidden doors from the pull the torch series

it’s supposed to be fun:skull:

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yeah I can agree, the Spike Walls for example are useless right now, it would be awesome to have some more ways of defending your base besides fences, walls or similar.

pressure plates sound nice and I have found myself questioning already before why this was not already in the game as it’s so obvious for this kind of game!

I too would love this… We’re getting pets eventually too I think so I’m hoping we can set them in one of three stances depending on the server…

Offensive: Attacks any player who is not you or your guild. (As well as NPCs) Can be knocked out and stolen while in this stance(As players should be able to capture ANY thrall that is hostile to them.)

Defensive: Will defend you if you’re attacked from whatever is attacking you. It will also defend itself as it can still be attacked by players while in this stance during PvP hours.(Can still be captured by other players do to the fact that it CAN become hostile to them when attacked, much like the friendly NPCs in Set city.)

Passive: Only defends itself from NPCs, cannot be harmed by players in this stance, will not attack players while in this stance. Cannot be stolen while in this stance.

These stances should also apply to pets. (What does this have to do with traps? Simple: Combine hostile pets with a trap door and you can have a fun room of death filled with baby dragons that are just waiting for dinner to drop in… Bonus points if you put in windows so you can watch enemies be eaten by your pets once they fall through the trap door)

Another simple trap idea that would be cool to have… Slides.(Basically you loose your footing and slide off… Basically another anti climb idea…) Come to think of it, grease orbs should make whatever surface they’ve coated with oil unclimbable as it makes it too slick to get a grip… If they don’t already.

Also since we have bombs and mines, why not go one step further and add explosive chests? (Just take a bomb, a Jar, and the storage container of your choice to make an explosive version that blows up upon interaction but otherwise looks just like the original, the owner of course can tell but other players not so much)

I love those ideas and would like to see some implemented.
It would add the fun of raids as raiders will need to think more about how they will raid. Its too simplistic atm and too easy (Place bomb here, boom, place next one, boom, eventually your in yahoo)

I believe that is what is known as a Portcullis… (If we get those they should kill whoever they land on when dropped closed… and of course come with it’s own type of frame…)

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