New Trap Mechanics

Maybe add new trap mechanics to the game.

Example traps

  1. False floor/ pit trap

  2. Dart/ arrow trap

  3. Pendulum

  4. Wall Scythe

  5. poison pool

  6. Flame Vent trap

  7. False wall

  8. Crushing Ceiling

  9. Boulder Trap

  10. Murder Hole



1,2,6 sounds posible other would be i guess hell to add

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False floor would be really cool, its propably the one I’d like the most. Just imagine all the applications and trickery you could do with it. Even adding secret entry ways.


I alredy see my thralls commit suidside on those traps…


Thralls are like lemmings

While they would be potentially harardous around ones base, I could live with it. However, I would also like to see some of these in Dungeons and enemy camps. And I would like even more to be able to Kick enemies into them. :smiling_imp:


Oh and also…




Considering the thrall overpopulation problems on some PvE servers, this may actually be a blessing in disguise.


I dont really know what the situation is on PVE servers. To me PVP servers are the true way to play this game. PVP also solves alot of spam-grief issues PVE servers seem to have.

I just love the souls-feeling, when ecounttering another player and not sure if friend of foe, its exciting.

Could already be arranged in-game. Haven’t tried the carpets, but the pit trap is plausible.

Thralls with bows are mobile arrow traps so making a static one isn’t a stretch.

A pendulum?

Off with their heads, right? Or simply half hp away unless they dodge and fall to their doom? :wink:

Already in the game. Just not ours to utilise.

If I remember correctly, this is already implemented as a prop. Not fire, but in forms of special effects.

Hanging flags could be used for this purpose, but I am not aware if they can touch low enough foundations and with the wind mechanic in place, I’m not sure if it is worth it. However, if I am correct about what you thought here, you meant those revolving fake-wall doors or doors that imitate walls; those that have a lever nearby. These would be cool.

This is perhaps the most consuming endeavour on this list. Would be cool too.

Trebuchet already throws boulders so technically there’s that affinity. Taking that, turning it into a little bigger would be a start.

Not sure what this means. :laughing:

I cant really attest to it either, but there has been a lot of discussions surrounding it. Apparently players can not kill other players thralls, so when some people quit playing and their base has long since decayed, all of their thralls still remain (anyone feel free to correct me where neccessary).

However, I have never experienced either PvE or for that matter PvP. But that sense of not knowing sounds intense. I am actually an Offline Singleplayer. For me the game experience tends to feel more isolated, and even adventure like. But it still has its big moments. For example, bringing down the Undead Dragon alone or fighting through New Asgaarth alone is a challenging and rewarding feat. Different strokes.

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Pendulum is a hanging heavy crescent blade that swings back and forth. very classic fantasy troupe trap.

Yes I meant that ninja-esque false wall. I would love to have such walls as secret entry to my treasure room.

Murder hole is a tiny hole in a wall or ceiling that allows poking spears thru. Essentialy having the spearman being in the safety while poking a spear thru a small hole to a room where the enemy is trapped. the hole is just big enough to fit the spear thru, so the enemy cant harm the defender.

Oh, yes I see. This is the heavy stuff indeed.

I would like secret entries as well.

The murder holes are technically not far fetched either. We already have Walls with small openings that do let arrows in so stretching that opening a bit could make it work with spears, javelins, pikes and the like. Current opening is a bit too high, I wager.

Well since feeding pet/thralls is no longer a thing yet decay is, if someone’s base falls-in yet they continue playing elsewhere in the world, their orphaned pets in the old spot linger on indefinitely as long as that player keeps logging in regularly. With players who straight-up quit, it’s not so bad because the pets/thralls will eventually die off, but then players who throw in the towel relatively quickly aren’t too much of a problem because they’re apt not to be super prolific.

The real problem is, since feeding went away, there’s no good way for PvE players to kill off unwanted pets or thralls. We either have to plank them into a Yog Pit / lava stream, or hope a world boss can dispatch them. Yet since this is so laborious, it’s usually up to other players to kite world bosses to kill off the orphans as it’ simply so time-consuming and ungratifying to do it yourself.

To add insult to injury, the now perpetually-starving pets not only junk up the event log, but they roar and whine continuously now. It’s so damned annoying I’m tempted to kite a few bosses into my own base just to kill them off.

Now I’ll admit that feeding pets & thralls is about the least enjoyable part of the game, but I really hope the current “fix” is only temporary. IMO, it would be a far better compromise to require thrall pots & feedboxes to cover your holdings, but then just make it so that you don’t need to fill them ever. Instead, let thralls and pets beyond the range of a feed station starve to death regardless of whether members of that clan still login or not.

In this way, players would still need to keep their thrall pots refreshed, but if they wanted to kill them off, or let a base slip into decay, at least there’s an easy way to clean up all the orphans. As it is now though, my server is starting to resemble how it was back before thrall/pets could starve: floating thralls and stranded pets everywhere.

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Wow… that does seem pretty bad. Almost all the issues I read about, are always about PVE servers. One of the reasons I dont do PVE.

Not filling them is a bit lazy, but it would work. I offered a solution where the pen and box would be combined and that the pen would have a food meter on the side. It would hold 5 pets raising them and feeding them (feeding is only an illusion) as long as the meter is above the level of abundance. When it goes below a notch, they are not raised anymore and when it goes down another notch, feeding stops too. When the meter gets empty, the pets will either attack their master on sight or flee and vanish forever. Doesn’t matter how far the pets are essentially, but I wager that some distance limit could be in order unless a mobile food box is invented.

Same for Thrall Pot except the thralls at stations start to occasionally grunt at their master pausing any crafting they ought to be doing when the meter goes down a notch. When it goes down another notch, thralls will either begin to attack their master on sight or flee and begone forever. Thralls can be caught again, unlike pets, by using the truncheon. When the pot gets empty, all thralls flee. Also to assign thralls to stations or guard duty, one would simply need to click an unemployed thrall standing next to the pot and decide if they get to follow you by adding their log copy to your radial menu / quickbar or have them occupy a station nearby. No preset classes (annoying variable).

Then I would add a Thrall Racket to make their gear choices similarly streamlined and governed by their assigned occupation; no more individual externally managed inventories for thralls. Fill the racket with equipment you want them to utilise and that’s it. Any gear piece utilised by them will be marked as taken, but not truly (only a log info) albeit the items are seen on them. In case the thralls die, the gear in the racket will be relocated to the corpses and a random damage variable is added to each; none will be broken though.

Less pinging, less clutter, smoother gameplay overall, less stuttering menus and tabs, immersive enough solution and light in comparison to alternatives I wager.

Such a great idea!

Oh, and the juiciest part is that even when a player can bring a band of warrior thralls with them, they risk losing them all and the gear they carry to the opposition. Brings a hard limit to how many thralls and pets can follow us and take care our bases. Maybe a little huge nudge to play with others or join a clan, but the more pots and pens you make, the more thralls and pets you can have. I think the breakpoint is closer to a balance though.

Overall I wish the raiding would become more about tactics, than who has the most explosives.