Thrall leveling system is horrible, for ONE reason:

REASON: thralls are still incredibly stupid and will suicide into lava or off elevators, often without the player noticing in time for the ridiculous 12 minute thrall body decay timer to still be active!!! Not only do you lose loot, to an old issue still needing a fix, but NOW YOU ALSO LOSE LEVELS!!!

Having to level a thrall is a bad idea right now. They should have fixed thrall intelligence first.

  1. Thralls should automatically stop following, or become immune to lava, when near lava while following a player. The thrall should ONLY die from lava, if the player dies from lava. No thrall should be stupid enough to walk headfirst into lava, it’s a dumb concept, now made worse considering the thrall may be level 20. I speak from experience, I JUST NOW lost a leveled up Eri the ravager while rescuing a clan mate who died while Eri was following him. Eri was nowhere near lava, easily killing the npcs that took my overencumbered friend. I got his loot, but was on horse so could not tell Eri to follow. 20 minutes later I see him, a full set of GOD BREAKER and an act of voilence all despawned with no way to retrieve. I take it he followed a player who ran by while I was waiting for him to return. At least give thralls a “RETURN HOME NOW” command! And to be smart, thralls should NATURALLY avoid lava! COME ON DEVELOPERS is this supposed to be a realistic game or not?

  2. Thralls should not teleport to the top of an elevator, only to fall off and die. This is beyond insane, and how I the very next day witnessed ANOTHER leveled up Eri, with Godbreaker, and this time a CROM SWORD, ALL DECAY because I went to the bathroom while riding the elevator up and didn’t realize idiot Eri wanted to suicide off the damn thing. WTF?

Players should be punished for their mistakes, NOT for the developers mistakes! Do you know how hard it is to farm a crom sword or 2 god breaker sets???

Make thralls smarter, before you edit anything else about thralls (which you have already done!)



In what universe does solid steel loot decay in minutes? The bodies should last DAYS, and real looters (similar to a purge) should eventually come to loot the items, which you can then pay a thief or tracker to find said pillagers and ultimately fight to win back lost loot! FIX THE DAMN HARSH DESPAWN NATURE OF THIS GAME PLEASE, it would not only make the game a little less punishing and thus make players happy, (thus playing longer)… IT WOULD ADD TO THE ACTUAL REALISM!!!


Using caps doesn’t make your suggestion more credible or popular. In fact, your suggestion looks more like something between a rant and a demand than a suggestion.

The reason loot bags and stuff decay so quickly is because every item in the world increases server load. If a server had people die left, right and center and neglect to go pick up their loot, in just a few days the world would be full of abandoned loot bags. Dropped stuff needs to decay quickly so as to keep the game world “clean”.

It also allows us to dump unwanted loot at our base, and those trash bags won’t clutter up our floor for ages.


You’ve replied to side note of the OP, but I think that main point still stands. Thralls are stupid, they tend to harm themselves, and players end up paying for overlooks of developers with their game time.

I mean, I understand, some things are hard to implement, AI is one of them. But interests of the players should still be a priority - if thralls jump off to their deaths or walk into lava, and there’s no way to quickly fix AI in elegant way, then telling players to deal with it isn’t the way to go. Between quick and dirty fix like disabling fall and lava damage for thralls, and letting players suffer from thrall suicides, I think that the former is always better.

I understand that heated tone causes irritation, but objectively, can understand the OP, I would’ve been agitated too if I lost Sword of Crom that dropped after two hundred killed bosses for me. ^^ So not blaming here.


I for one love the thrall leveling. Makes you care more about certain thralls. More engaging. Yes, they are stupid but the reward is much greater.

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Curiously, I’ve never lost a thrall to environmental hazards. Not once. I feel recognizing these hazards and being careful around them is the key to keeping one’s thralls alive.

This doesn’t mean that thrall AI shouldn’t be improved, though. I’d love them to have enough awareness of their surroundings so as not to take a cliff’s edge selfie and fall over the edge, or take a dip in hot lava. It feels like babysitting - you can keep your protegé from killing himself if you pay close attention to him at all times, but if you take your eyes off him for a moment, he’ll find new and exciting ways to commit suicide.


Yup, I was lucky not to lose a single one yet - granted, I wasn’t at volcano with thralls - but I happened to come close, and it happened that a fully leveled thrall with 9k health just was making a quarter of a minute sortie during a peaceful descent on an elevator at the base, only to reappear down below with half of his health gone. It’s all sorts of mentally taxing, to babysit them like that.

So, all in all, I would welcome at least some temporary solution from Funcom, since now the loss of a thrall takes away even larger time investment. Decay time… I’m on a fence here; maybe a bit longer decay of thralls specifically, and maybe own body too, but not loot bags.

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Your use of caps is appreciated and I find myself agreeing with you more because of them. For real though you bring up some good points. The elevator fall off is very frustrating. I’ve lost several rare Thralls to elevators and lava. But at the end of the day it’s my own fault. It’s our responsibility as players to protect ourselves from intentional and unintentional hazards in the game. I agree that thrall AI should be a priority and that a return home now option would be awesome. However I don’t think these hazards should postpone the leveling system. I enjoy playing with it… though it sucks to lose your level 20s… i’ve Already lost 6.

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I was lucky to read on the forums about thrall’s tendency to leap off elevators to their doom, which is why every time I have one with me, I place them on Guard, pick them up (not as in “pick up into inventory”, but as in “place on guard elsewhere”), and then travel on the elevator, then place them and get them to follow again. This makes vertical transportation of NPC companions safe.


That’s a clever safety measure; will add it to my arsenal. ^^ For the lack of more elegant solution, that’s better than nothing.

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Unfortunately I have had a thrall die simply by teleporting to me. It must of fallen through the map as that is the only thing I can think of happening as there were no environmental hazards around. It was at full health a few moments before. Though it died at my feet so didn’t lose the equipment. Other thralls have seemed to take damage when teleporting, made me a bit paranoid for a while.

Hmm, if only someone had brought this up before the mounts patch went live! Oh wait, I did.

Couldn’t agree more, thralls are morons and forcing us to level these idiots that can’t keep themselves alive is a pain in the @$$.

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I agree hope funcom finds a solution on improving the thralls … not sure if your aware of this but if you die your thrall goes in scout mode if you leave him/her alone for 15mins your thrall will return to the last place they were on guard duty … whenever I go to a dangerous place, I make sure my thrall is on guard duty in my main base before I leave to my objective and just incase I die I try to just retrieve my belongings and if the situation is bad I leave and go back to base and just wait for my thrall to return home on its own

You play single player though, right? That isn’t a dig, but rather to point out something you may not have experienced first-hand: AI degrades severely as load increases on the server.

When I play offline solo, thralls and enemies are always quite responsive. Yet when the Official I play on is full, AI just about grinds to a stop, activating only sporadically and erratically.

That’s the main issue, and why it’s not necessarily a player’s lack of caution that’s to blame.


I have a question about the leveling system, do thralls get XP from purge encounters?

I agree that the thrall AI needs to be fixed, I stopped taking thralls with me and just left them to guard my base because I had to babysit them or worry that the thrall I had with me is going to run off a cliff or run off and attack something and I wouldn’t notice they were gone.

Only your current follower will get exp. Thralls, pets and mounts on guard duty gain none.

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well that’s no good, they should get Xp from any fighting they do, regardless if they are following you or not. Thanks for answering my question.


Well said. Thralls should gain xp any fighting they do! Also lost many thralls to lava and elevators.

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I agree with the OP. Whenever a thrall takes fall damage (like in Elevators) it is not the players fault but stupid behaviour of the thrall and therefore it just shouldn’t happen. Remove fall damage from thralls except mounted Horses.

Lava is also out of player control. They should never walk or teleport into lava but since they sometimes do make them immune to lava.

I think I’m more of a player like Kapoteeni. I made the mistake of taking a thrall up to the volcano ONCE and yeah, it died to lava (while I was constantly monitoring him). I found a solution to not getting your thralls die to lava. I don’t take m up there any more.

Bag and corpse de spawn timer should not be altered in my opinion. Agreeing with Kapoteeni on his post above.

You are in control of your thralls and they do as you please. In my opinion that’s the reason you ‘‘break m’’. If you’re saying they should have a mind of their own, than Funcom should also implement mutiny. I’d take on any purge opposed to mutiny since I leveled up my fighters to be tanks. Both deadly and durable.

As for the xp gain off thralls part (which was a bit off topic). If all thralls would gain passive xp than everyone would get their thralls out and just let them stand there until they killed enough turtles, wolves, spiders or the occasional NPC, until they are leveled. Guess what that does with server stability.

I see myself as a teacher when I level my thralls. My thrall gains experience from the experiences I give him or her. Because of this, I have 2 fighters, 1 bearer and 2 dancers in my base. the 2 fighters and the bearer take care of the purges and the dancers aren’t allowed to fight because, well, they’re not designed to fight.

I can’t say anything about the fall damage part since this has never happened to me (the thralls dying to them that is). I’m actually quite curious about what height would kill a 10+k health thrall.

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