Thralls need qol overhaul bigtime, they're worse than ever


Hey guys…

Hard-earned, fully-equipped, max-levelled thralls keep getting stuck on things (most notably from combat) and/or dying from piss-poor navigation (like around lava). Thralls have literally gotten stuck in a wall or a rock that I can’t get to after either getting knocked there, wandering there or randomly teleporting there, and even after going all the way across the map, rebooting the game, everything I could try, the thrall would not unstuck. This has happened in terrible spots during intense combat while under attack from multiple enemies and the thrall is stuck and can’t even defend itself while a bunch of mobs are hacking away at it, particularly often on the Siptah map, and running across the map, rebooting the game, whatever we try doesn’t snap the thrall out of it. This has worsened notably ever since the addition of the thrall commands for some reason (before they would snap back to you alright, what did you do and why?..). I’ve even had a thrall somehow teleport under the ground, I tried to reboot the game, the thrall ended up teleporting across the map into the sky at a very random location, literally just standing way up in the sky, using the thrall marker on the maps I was barely able to find and spot it way up there, floating in the air, and had to build a really tall tower to climb just to go grab it.

Can’t you exercise a little common sense and add the following features to thralls (at the very least for single-player if not every mode)? We keep complaining about it, over and over with no apparent hope of seeing any improvement…

  1. Make the thralls immune to lava and other things they could die from stepping on/randomly teleporting into?
  2. Bring back the “rescue thrall” feature so that we can snap it to our location? Or a new feature, like “unstuck” or something?

C’mon guys, are you trying to make your game bad on purpose and ignoring these glaring complaints? Do I have to keep reposting? Some of us want to actually play this game… The ONLY REASON ANYONE PLAYS THIS GAME IS FOR THE BASES, THE THRALLS AND THE RP, and sorry, but the THRALL aspect of it is very shoddy and far too frequently fully unlivable. The game has so much wasted potential because of how poor the QOL is, and how frustrating it is to navigate your game world successfully. It seems like half the time I’m playing your game I’m not enjoying myself, I’m too busy trying to get it back to a state where I’m enjoying myself…

The game would be GREAT if you simply had those two features for the thralls so that all the MANY MANY problems they cause could be remedied!..

Edit: the game IS a GREAT concept, I feel more for single player PvE or multiplayer PvE/RP than anything else, but as it is, it’s just barely executed well enough to make me want to play it. A few times already though, I’ve put the game down for quite a while waiting for an issue to be resolved with another patch. Set in the world of Conan this game should be an easier sell to me, as it’s by country miles my favorite fictional setting ever, but there are a lot of things about the game that frustrate. There are NUMEROUS other suggestions I could bring (and have in other posts), but I am trying to focus on what I consider the most “deal-breaking” for me to either play it or a more worthy game.


Bring back? Rescue system never went away, it’s still there.

As for the rest of your feedback, I know you are frustrated, but lower the insulting tone and the hyperbole bits. You have some solid points (some of which have been acknowledged by Funcom), don’t let those good parts of your feedback be dragged down.

This post is very spot-on. The game has so much wasted potential because of infuriating bugs. So much time wasted working around bugs instead of playing the game and enjoying the amazing world that has been created. Follower bugs should be absolute top priority.

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Oh, well f me, you’re right. But I don’t want to rescue my thralls if they come back with no gear. Does it still knock away all their gear? I’d rather go into save folder and reload an old one if that were the case, so essentially the rescue feature was not overly desirable or useful for resolving a glitch you shouldn’t be penalized for. Thanks for pointing out that it’s still there though. Let me know if it still deletes all your gear, that or I’ll test it sometime when I’m feeling like messing around with the save folder.

Glad to hear people still agree with this. Would love if they’d pay attention. Funcom often boasts about “listening to their players”, but for some reason this issue, one of most outstanding, appears to fall on deaf ears. Thrall got stuck several more times today. I’m still seeing if there’s methods in-game to unstuck them, I’m not sure if I’m on to one, but I’m still trying to look for workarounds. I got them unstuck a couple of times but don’t know exactly how yet. Still many times the thrall has been stuck all the way on the other side of the map without snapping to my location, it’s very difficult to duplicate however. I’m beginning to wonder if anybody else plays solo with thralls and pets as much as I do here…

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