Traps, suggestions:

Well it’s that time again, the time where we discuss adding some new traps for the defense of our base… This time I’d like to open with the following suggestion:

Let us learn the recipe for building the traps from the new dungeon… Not only would it aid in base defense, but the spring-brick trap itself could be quite versatile depending on how you build with it… and the spikes… well that would be another flavor of palisade I think… (And since they are already in the game I’d think it would be less work than coding completely new traps…)

Second suggestion: You know those new arrow effects? You know… the acid arrows, and the smoke arrows? Yeah why not make those into mines like we already have with the explosive trap and the poison trap…

Third suggestion: An oldie but a goodie… Trap doors that drop enemies down to whatever is under the door…they open downwards (Some of us would love it if we could drop unsuspecting players into a room full of gators, or into lava if we’ve built a volcano lair, or into a pit of yog, or just onto some palisades, or simply into a ravine…)

Fourth suggestion: Oiled ramps(Basically slide ramps that you can’t climb up but you can slide down, combined with the trap door idea and you could have some fun base designs)

Fifth suggestion: Fake elevators/crushers… They look like regular elevators but if an enemy tries to use it to go down(Hits the switch on the platform) or walks across the wooden “landing pad” it drops down suddenly crushing to death those under it… (And descends so quickly that the person is left falling after it.)

i’m always for more building opportunity ! and i like this trap door idea

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