Add more traps please!

I saw a you tube video and the guy was setting up spike traps that sprang out of the floor. They used to be in the black keep on xbox, but they got taken out. Can they be added as craftable items, perhaps as part of dlc’s? I’d suggest adding a variety. I’m not on every day and I’d love to have a few little surprises for off-line raiders. I can make the elevator traps and some using the existing land mines, but I’d like to see various other kinds.

  1. Single spikes coming out of walls that can be poisoned
  2. Boulders that drop down when triggered beneath.
  3. Spikes that do more damage the more distance you fall on them, which can be poisoned also.
  4. False floors like certain rugs that can be placed over foundation holes, that don’t have collision, so one falls through it.

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