Could we have more traps and defenses?

It would be nice to have more options on permanent traps and defenses in the games besides thralls and short lived step traps.


We do have palisades & spikes. What sort of thing did you have in mind?

This is my list

  1. Possibly metal palisades and spikes.
  2. Some new drawbridge designs to match the themed DLCs that are available.
  3. Maybe some cobwebs that we could place down like carpets that slow advancing enemies.
  4. Also new elevator designs/tiers.

Maybe the OP has some good ideas too.


Oooh! I know–elevators that look like they’re usable by anyone, but if you’re not in the clan, once they’re halfway up the bottom falls out! :smiling_imp:


Well now that just sounds hilarious. :rofl::joy::rofl:

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I’d love some spring blade and spike traps and bear traps we could build off the top of my head

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Ballistas, spiked pits, crushing wall traps, add animal poop to spiked traps or load body parts and animal poop into trebuchets to create poison clouds, poison the wells of other players, caltrops, floor traps in your throne room (pet rancor not included).


Rolling Boulders, swinging logs, falling chandeliers, rope snags, blow dart/poison arrow walls, collapsing floors (Put spikes underneath…)

Bridges where we can cut our ropes quickly to collapse the bridge (It turns into a rope ladder!)

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All interesting ideas but I’ll pass. Why? Because we already have folks spamming bear traps.

This is why “awareness” could be a function in the game.

Too often “stealth” and “hidden trap” mechanics are treated like unique special effects, rather than having a spectrum of strength that gets tested against the opponents raw “Awareness” stats. I would probably give Survival and Grit High Awareness stats… Accuracy may get some too.

Agility could give light stealth bonuses, but armor choices, warpaints, food, potions… etc. would make a large part of the rest. I suppose weapons could have certain affinity or “clumsiness” in regards to stealth as well.

Then characters with High Awareness can have hidden foes or traps highlighted in view range (Can’t do anything about stuff that is behind you or out of view.) Meanwhile, low awareness could mean that stealth is harder to detect, letting players build a strategy around sneaky backstabbing and ambushes… or the “ranged” version of stealth, which is setting up traps. Trap spam should be only a serious problem for solo players, but can be solved with a new Thrall class that gives detection bonuses or can automatically disarm traps. A Clan would have someone spec into the right stats for disarming traps.

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So we should provide an incredibly complex solution rather than just fixing the problem? These traps trigger even on PvE, which should not be a thing.

Perfect recipe for the new religion of Zath

if traps work in PVE only againt NPC not players ok - otherwise i dont want new idiotism that players spawn… i already take long routes because some clans figured its cool to spawn palisades on whole grid near water where they are so damn many that they dont even render in time and by time u get it render u are dead from bleed

Wall traps that launch poison or injuring spikes (think Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark beginning) . I would like also to see an orb launcher trap.

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