Building during siege needs rework

huge tribe fights are breaking out on my server. its several tribes fightings several tribes. 300 explosives were brought, total of 800 explosives were on standby, within the hours given for base destruction, we made progress on the buildings, and the honey comb base of many gates and doors were broken into. After a bit, one of the defending tribes person just had foundations and other building materials… just running around naked blocking everyone in, or out of the demolition area, or just instantly rebuilding t3 faster than it can be destroyed making it impossible for base destruction

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This is a very CRITICAL problem, indeed, and it is very SAD that it is still not solved almost a year later after we sent all the details and proposals to @Jens_Erik in old Discord.

If in EA you could destroy t1 with weapons fast, then now I can just put t1 as soon as anyone blows my walls, making them just impossible to raid, but moreover, in some cases, making them stuck inside my base and all what I have to do is just wait till they will die, and pick up their gear.

My proposal again here:

  • During raid time
  • Whenever building is damaged by any player who is NOT a clan member of the clan owning this piece of building
  • THIS piece of building CAN’T be repaired for 30 minutes. Every next hit to this building resets this timer. (this will prevent repairing during raid)
  • and it is FORBIDDEN to build anything NEW in a small “radius/territory under raid” * around destroyed building (including the old place where it was) for 30 minutes (and this will prevent from putting new wall as soon as old one was destroyed AND also will prevent from blocking/building more foundations/walls/doors from inside while wall is under attack)

* This radius is similar to current territory claim and sharing in decay system. If one wall is destroyed and later another wall behind it was destroyed or is under attack as well, they share same radius/territory and first one is just updated.

which means:

If I slowly raid a base which contains 5 levels of walls and it takes me 20 minutes per one level (and you are allowed to repair/build after 30 min) - you are not able to rebuild first wall even after 20x5=100mins because they are within same radius/territory, however, if I destroyed one wall from North and then went to South, when I will finish Southern one, you might be able to rebuild Northern one since they are far away from each other. It also means players would be able to get back same way they entered a base and won’t be blocked deep inside.

In my opinion this radius could be 10 foundations. As soon as I attack/destroy another building within this radius, their coordinates are saved and stored in the same “Territory under raid”. More I attack/destroy, bigger this Territory Under Raid becomes. As soon as for the next 30 min Territory Under Raid didn’t get any additional damage, it is deleted/cleared and owner can repair/build inside this territory now.

I love this tactic see nothing wrong with it and have been on both sides of it too… it sucks when it happens to you when attacking hilarious when you do it defending.

To do this effectively if actually takes base design planning so they easily can’t blow their way out

I think the “unrepairable” radius needs to be clarified more,

It should be anything that would support the structure pieces in question, since explosions have a huge radius where they just do a bit of damage, I think if that was refined a bit, and then they made it extend 4 pieces out in all directions support would be given, and make those pieces unrepairable for 5 minutes, and after 5 minutes allow repairs BUT! make repairs in this method require you to actively swing ur hammer with resources at it, and only allow one person at a time to repair, and maybe make some tiers of repair hammer, with static linear values like 250 hp, 500 hp, 750 hp, 1000 hp, and then tool upgrade kits give it like +50, +100, +150, +250 hp per swing that would be a sick mechanic.

It would be a way better system to see, and would require people to simply defend their structure actively, since you’d have to fight the raiding party off and hold them off for a few minutes before you could repair. Any sufficiently decent group would obviously prepare a forward base to raid you in advance. I think this would promote teamwork. You could even let them repair within the first 5 minutes but it just be a much greater reduced amount, like if 5 minutes is 300 seconds, then every 3 seconds after the first explosion repair hammer amount = 1% better. after 5 minutes you can actively repair, and then after 30 minutes the normal passive repair works.

plus, I think the demolish structure timers are a bit high. I’ve seen absolutely massive sandstone walls with 109+ hours remaining after griefing locations for several weeks. This to me is ridiculous. Sandstone timers should have a really low timer, and even T2 should.

While im on the topic, we need more building types throughout, and why is it that the coldest building materials insulate well? It would seem like black ice would permeate a cooling effect while being used in the volcano, and vice versa, where is our obsidian T3? I think we need to also have some more styles of foundations, many of the old ones can be seen through where walls and foundations align and I think that could be adjusted on the models without requiring too much work.

And finally, why do we still have EA bugs like logging in and falling through floors and glitching upwards, and simply walking through (no clipping) them even after running away and coming back. These need to be fixed, and movement AND damage taken should be paused until everything loads in - as well as the latency kick on initial load. I play on wifi and have problems sometimes logging into large bases with ping errors but once im at the multiplayer screen im back to 32-40 ms. consistently.

I haven’t seen too many of those ping kicks but they sure as hell are annoying. Also, I don’t think logging out causes our persistant bodies to inherit our buffs like the vitality 30 perk which allows you to survive heatstroke/extreme heat and frostbite, but when we logoff, we die anyway and respawn in the desert, this is super annoying, before this was not happening until the last couple patches.

GL funcom, most people are already taking a break from conan again cause of the BS bugs. Fix the emote exploits and such as well.

I have more suggestions that wouldn’t take much to implement but as it is, it feels like the game development is rather slow - focused mostly on adding more content and not really fixing old bugs.