Raiding so broken

How did this game get so broken? raiding is a joke when bombing in all they have to do is tap it with a repair hammer and it’s instant repaired burning doesn’t stop it anymore and with the construction hammer all they have to is run around naked with a hammer and construction hammer and they can box you in and repair until you run out of bombs, what’s going on? the only option is to offline raid people

This has been an issue since 2017. First time I raided someone around six years ago this happened to me and made it a pain to get inside. Eventually did, but it took way more effort than it should have. After that I stuck to PVP servers that disallowed building/repair during raids.

But you are correct that this encourages outright for people to offline (where its allowed).

It would be awesome if fc implemented a cool down period before you could repair a building piece. Not sure how much time it should take though.

If you know they do this overwhelm them. Bring a lot of arsenal and chain bomb, multiple bombers being better.

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i think the reason repairingvis easy is because raiding was not meant to looting as main goal. It was to instigate pvp combat points. But yhe ability tonrepair through layers removes that. Make repairing only on layers you can see, not 2-3 deep. Thus thick layered walls would be destroyed unless they come outside tonrepair thus, creating combat.

Also if they made the repair rate a slower animation to allow damage ticks to out “race” it while fire is burning it would also make it more about combat and not spam bomb vs repair hammer.


They already have this for purges.

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FUNCOM implemented dynamic damage system.

The coding problem is the restriction triggers from the purge being active not from damged building pieces.

They would have to haxe sonething a raid flag that would be turned on if your building took dange. Then have a timer that only reset when it ran out, and wouldnt have to process new timer every explosion killing the engine.

Depends on how they coded it initially.

Setting an INT to 0 and a bool to 1 will not “kill the engine”. Just have for each bomb the player/clan id set that got affected. then when the explosion/bomb actor gets destroyed they will need to create/update a timed no building zone actor for the region in which it happened and ofc for each player/clan id. Then reset the timer of this zone for each explosion.

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Oh no the solo my 5 to 10 man group is raiding is repairing during raid.

This is more the reason pvp is broken. There should be options for 5 max clan size.

1 v 5 isnt really pvp, 1 v 10 is just…

sure u will get 2 5 man clans ganking up on u instead of a sole 10 man clan one

A week later…

Due to players abusing resent siege and raiding changes to further ensure our official server stability we are forced to update Official Server Rules.

  • It is now illegal to detonate more then 3 bombs at once and there must be a 5 min interval between detonations

:rofl: :ok_hand:t3:

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Sounds better to me already tbh

i wonder if a mod that blocks repair in area the fire is burning. It already as an area effect for the burned look. Piggybacking a block repair in the area shoupd be doable by an experienced modder…or an idiot who tries the impossible like me:)

Repair spamming is an issue.
But so is the paper maché nature of fortifications.

Unless a build is in danger of running afoul of the build restrictions, they might as well be Doozer blocks in the face of hungry Fraggles.

Or is built in one of the areas where the actual build face available is minimum and the permanent terrain constitutes the majority of the outer shell.
Then just slap an altar down and keep the bubble refreshed and camp out in your escape room.

The ability to hot swap doors for walls is another component of this little issue.

But what are possible solutions?
Remove the salvage or even swap option from PvP?
Add a repair/replace animation to PvP that looks a lot like (and takes time as) the bandaging animation?

This one doesn’t have a good solution. All ideas run afoul of one issue or other and almost none of these solutions to should be game wide. This one thinks they are potentially good for PvP, but might cause a riot from other playstyles.
Then again, this one has long held that certain differences between PvP and Dueling or PvE servers should be in place.

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