Some Succestions

  1. The Attribute that u are immune against crippling is overpowered, make it better to have a chance to get not cripplet. Pleyers are Complaining that if the others are on low heal, they just run away and ye… they rund and run…

  2. Explosive-Sounds are not well made, they sometimes sound like they next to u, but they are far away, also the direction seems not always be fine.

  3. Thralls seem not to attack other players when i’t no raiding time, even if PVP is always on… is that a bug? Improve that immediately please. Players easily kill the Thralls when i’ts no raiding Time.

  4. Traps should be placable in land claimed from other guilds… and there should be more kinds of traps and stuff.

  5. Let Serverowners change the Speed of Elevators, they are slow like u are faster with Climbing. Also let Serverowners maybe change the max lenght.