Make players immune to player owned thrall damage

Fighter thralls are still breaking the PvP experience. They are simply to powerful. I do like the idea about thralls and their leveling, and they are pretty useful when doing dungeons and boss fights.

How about making players immune to other players thralls, damage wise. This way, one could still benefit from the thralls in dungeons and against NPCs, without breaking the PvP experience!

Maybe make it a server side setting, so private server owners can choose.

That is so lame…if there was a vote for completely removing friendly fire for officials i would vote YES. People should do the same damage to friends as they do to enemies. Git gud or gtfo, in a friendly way, don’t take offence.
But yeah it should be an options for server owners, but officials shouldn’t have this on. There’s already enough “pokemon barbarian edition” going on.

Better yet, implement Make thrall damage anyone on sight on PVE too,

Unless we friend that person, he should be attacked.

That would help our server great these days with the purge mechanic being miss used…

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That’s brilliant, then there would be no defense on bases at all and everyone could get raided every night constantly! While we’re at it, let’s go ahead and drop the health of T3 structures down to where you can just break them open with a weapon.


LOL…What?! That’s the WHOLE purpose of a thrall. Well, other than worker thralls. My thrall is there to kill you…(during raid time at least) Unless we’re friendly, then unless you hit me or agro something my thrall will be peaceful.

I use thralls in dungeons all day long without a problem.

Maybe your question is not worded right? As your question is just making me :man_facepalming:

There is NO WAY a player should be immune to another player’s thralls…Again…that’s the purpose of a thrall.


Well I do understand you all, and maybe I didn’t explain it well enough. I think its down to style of play. I don’t play on officials, and I always choose servers where offline raiding is forbidden.

In my personal opinion, the game is best when its true player vs player, and when its players attacking bases, with real players defending, that is why I always choose servers with no offline raiding.

In this scenario, one-hitting fighter thralls just ruins the experience, because all players just run around waiting for the thralls to do their job, so its basically thralls-vs-thralls or thralls-vs-players, ie. NOT players-vs-players!

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So it sounds like what you are looking for is more of an arena style combat between players. On my server, one clan has built such an arena, and they often hold tournaments with prizes where other clans come to fight each other 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc.

It’s pretty easy to set up, and a rule can be no thralls involved, but trying to make players immune to thrall damage would create an enormous amount of problems out here in the real world.

In this case, why place thralls outside at all?

If you know no one will attempt a raid when you are not on line, why not just build a barrack to place thralls in when not in use?

There are more elegant solutions than changing a game mechanic used everywhere else.

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