Testlive Is Great But some disadvantages {raiding}

To be fair i was doing durability testing earlier, and most legendaries were actually breaking before making it through a single t3 foundation. (With a few exceptions actually making it to about 1 and a half) (You can find my results for starmetal damage per hit and scaling here: Damage to buildings from weapons, What it means and a Easter Egg)

With official rates atleast the skeleton keys will be kept down alittle, except for the hardcores who are farming on a rotation which will defintely be done, The only problem with increasing the spawn timers on chests or bosses is then regular players will never be able to get them, because people will be setting timers because of the rarity. Keys will overflow and chests will be camped and built around (which is entirely possible)

Anyway back to the point at hand, 160 damage per hit is roughly 600-700 hits for 100k damage.
100k damage is two layers(wall layers, not foundation) or like 8 doors?(i havent checked doors hp recently, but i’m assuming its the same as it always was)

Dont forget the stamina drain for actually hitting. Meaning it makes the process take even longer because people are stamina draining while chipping away.
Granted i dont think it would take 3 players very long to do 600-700 hits, But the great thing about melee, Is that if your all too close hitting same target, you’ll likely smack a team-mate. Meaning its limited by size and therefore stops overall dps. Melee damage on buildings is a really sub-optimal choice, But it really does need to be in game. Theres alot of times where explosives arent a option, And even gods fail sometimes. With god bubbles being a common place thing for end game, Its almost a required feature that we have some sort of personnel anti building tactic.

Have you ever had someone build a death cube(commonly refered to as a snap-trap) around you mid fight?
Are you going to use your explosives to get out of the death cube?
Anyway i cant really leave a real judgement untill i see what the balance pass does. They are adjusting alot of values before 8th of may release, Who knows what will be included.

If they do take away weapon to building damage, I’d definitely like to see some sort of anti-repair hammer (Sledge hammer probably) which can do minimal siege damage.


I think maybe its a good things that low tire weapons can hit t1. More fun for lower lvl players to try and raid a low lvl base. I think it should be among the lines like this:

T1 - iron weapon and up, Treb, orbs and bombs
T2 - top tire weapons (legendary etc), orbs, treb and bombs
T3 - trebs and bombs

When it comes to legendary weapons i still think the key and weapon should have a % drop, plus it should be a 0% drop on keys before lvl 60. Even not able to use before 60. If not top lvl people can just provide low lvls with this and i find that strange. Alternatively maybe you need like 30 points in strengths to lift it… like i said before, legendary weapons should really feel legendary.


The minions idea is great. Stops people from cheesing them so easily if there is more NPC’s to be dealt with. Expanding on that, make the minions a priority target by giving them a mechanic, like debuffs, crowd control, damage over time, healing or a ranged attack. Going a step further, the minion doesn’t just have to be a smaller version of the boss, you could for instance have the Crocodile Boss spawn a Human ‘Dafari Gator Shaman’ that heals the boss as having baby Croc’s heal the big one doesn’t make much sense.

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