T4 structure is it possible in future? XD

T3 structure is not enough right now with the 25k hp door, is it possible to have t4 obsidian and hardened steel structure turn them to reinforcements? XD
Or even t5 structure made with starmetal reinforcements


I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

They’ve got 3 more DLC coming this year with more racial T3s. One could assume there will be a Year 3 set for 2020.

The problem with adding T4s is that they’d have to now add racial T4s, which would be a lot of work, and they haven’t finished the T3s yet. So probably T3 is top of the line for this game.

It is possible. The meshes are the same for all level of building structures, the attributes,mats needed, skins, and damage hp are all that is different.

I’d love to have t4 buildings, I want to build in dragonbones or starmetal :heart_eyes::star_struck::heart_eyes::star_struck:

Possible maybe. But not while they are still selling us T3 DLCs. Maybe once they’ve finished all of those and need more DLC to keep things running.

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