Tier 4 Buildings

I’d like to see a higher tier building. Something absurdly expensive to make.

I am a solo player on an official pvp server. I have 4 large fully functional T3 bases so that if I get raided I always have backups. I get raided from time to time (but never the vaults) and it doesn’t take long to patch up the damage. What do I do now? Build a fifth base?

I like building stuff. My bases are bigger and fancier than they need to be, and I use reinforced brick despit the cost because it looks better. Now I use the DLC marble. I’m not really sure what to work toward at this point though, there’s only… more.

T4 buildings would give me something to reach for. It should be stronger than T3, but not proportional to the cost. For example, a T4 foundation could have 200khp, and cost 5 alchemical base, 2 gold bars, 2 silver bars, 5 insulated wood, and 20 hardened brick.

That’s a totally random example of a cost, just to illustrate the idea. It should be an effective building piece, but disproportionately expensive, and very importantly… it should be pretty.

(I should add, my walls are already 6 doors thick. That’s kind of annoying, and certainly not pretty. I could spend more resources and make my walls 12 doors thick, or we could just have better doors…)


I have thought that it might have been interesting if the DLC building pieces used different materials to build then the T3 original buildings as that would change up the game a bit.

I think new tier could be interesting but wouldn’t think it would be balanced well in PVP. Maybe instead of full new tier just adding new additional extensions for walls etc.
Armour plated sheets that would work like the foundation walls in a way but connect to the side of walls. Also spikes that could be placed on a wall.
That would be more balanced and add extra protection. Even a new door type would be good. Hardened steel door maybe.

Maybe some sort of mystical or magical construction level. Conan is full of ancient magics, mysticism, runes and old civilizations. Perhaps unlocking the secrets of the Atlanteans or the Old Ones? Not out and out magic but old school sword & sorcery magic.

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I too am a player interested in the building side of the game. My main request is not so much for a new level of building however. Might it be possible to have the framing around roofing pieces removed? It’s only an appearance thing, not at all functional. The thing is, right now the buildings look like they have been fitted with solar panels! It would be so much better in appearance if the areas of roof could blend together and look like they were in one piece. So many aspects of the game are just wonderful to look at - the roofs are not!

Allan… (playing as Paddy o’Doors)

Star metal and alchemical base as ingredients.

Actually, I would LOVE to put star metal in it, giving it a real purpose. I really enjoy star metal harvesting, but I never have any use for star metal after building a few freezers.

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Something made from… like Shaped Dragonbone, Fireclay ( ie. Accrington) brick, and Star Metal reinforcements? :thinking:


Hardened Brick + Alchemical Base

Use Corrupted Stone or Alchemical Base for top tier stuff.


No more bricks.

I’m done with bricks.

I would love to see a new teir of materials. For example I would love to see the look of many of those tall monuments near the den, or unknown city. or the style inside of witch queens room. Even the outside style of that area would be cool to be able to build in.

Lower tier would be nice as well as sandstone looks horrible in the jungle or the north. I would be happy just being able to use wood, maybe with a thatch roof of green leaves etc.


… another thing I’d like to see is a tier 1 timber building. Wattle and daub etc.


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