Why only T3 structures

They keep adding new mats but why not integrate with a new tier structures.

For example

Harden steel t4 100k to 150k
Star metal T5 200k to 300 k

They basically said way back when Joel Bylos was still Creative Director of Conan Exiles
That they didn’t want to be constantly up grading building pieces and that tier 3 would be the end of the up grades.

And DLC’s would never be “pay to win”

So there is your answer, a new higher tier in a DLC would be a “pay to win”
and they don’t want to go higher than t3 anyway.


P2W, isle of siptah weapons and armors. So they kinda went astray on that concept.


Yeah, there are definitely reasons to not have higher tiers, mainly because of DLC sets.

However, with the anti-fence stacking changes causing people to question the fragility of bases, I think the idea of making bases stronger (aside from just a basic bump to structure durability, or nerf to explosives) has a certain merit.

I would suggest that, rather than add any new sets, instead add an attachable upgrade similar in mechanics to fence foundations, but much stronger. Such upgrades could be crafted using more expensive materials and universally attach to any existing or future build set. Additionally, if their graphics were made to look more like metal framing instead of solid walls like fence foundations, they would not need to cover up and detract from the unique appearance of existing sets.

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Yeah as I keep playing around with transfers…it’s just too easy now to shuttle things accross. Siptah should have been completely separate from EL.

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bring back Joel Bylos ever since he stopped working on the game it’s become terrible

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I agree with the bottom , but need to ask about the top. DLC would follow the same rules as the base game. The OP asked for Hardened steel and Star metal tiers of building materals which are part of the game. There would be no Pay to win here as everyone would access to the base game.

Personally I would @Styker have dlc pieces for the lower tier (1 & 2) like flotsam has. I never liked how all the other dlcs focused on T3 building pieces.

Okay I’ll amend what I said to just…

A long time ago Joel Bylos said they didn’t want to have any building tiers above t3

As for fortifying farther once a building piece has been placed, I don’t know.
But it seems to me it’s just semantics. And it all seems to boil down to wanting better protection from raiders. I 100% support better protection for bases.

But the title was a question, and the answer was, imho,
because they said they were not going to go higher.


The idea was that at the time, with a punishing temperature system, there would be no method of buying your way past it. T1 would be hot-mitigating for the oasis, T2 is good for Temperate Zone.

Now that temperature is “as you make it,” this is less of a thing. That Siptah has stuff that makes you OP in EL is a bit of a “No DLC Advantage” hypocrisy but we have this nugget: “We will take what works and INTENSIFY IT.” ~ ad hoc Funcom Lead Designer Alexander. This seems to have formed the period between Frozen North and the miserable one we find ourselves in now.

We’re caught between a few visions here, let’s be kind to each others’ recollections.


Funny thing is they could have mitigated slightly bt adding sigils to CE…there are 8 dungeon bosses and 6 religions…14.

As far as the tower recipes and delving bench, they could have made an El version by making eldarium spawn in those dungeons randomly in chests and bosses.

And added all that when they made transfers a thing so as to have Siptah unique up until then.

And that is a good decision, in my less than humble opinion.

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It was separate. But people didn’t want to roll new characters. So they complained. Louder than the ones who warned what would happen. Siptah stuff in EL is what the players wanted. And it was granted.

The transfer itself was not a bad idea. But Funcom literally ignoring half of the Forum community and allowing item transfer is just ridiculous.


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