Non sandstone stone structures

This game really needs the option of being able to build a sandstone tier structure made out of a more grey stone, mining grey rocks in the north and then building orange sandstone buildings looks weird, I wouldn’t care if it was just a re-texture


Wood T1 would also be very nice.


Wood would be an excellent medium for T1, T2, and T3 – from simple stick huts and thatched roofs, to shaved plank structures and roof shingles, to thick log beams and well-sanded/varnished wood finishes like we see at ski lodges; wood can express a variety of architectural styles and may or may not mix well with the various stone architectures in game.

Also Adobe mud is another option for multiple tiers.


i think devs may simply add some dye sustem for building stuff…so people can make all tier bases match to the terrain


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