New brick building tier for jungle/swamp biome?

With the addition of improved crafting stations in the current testlive patch, are we getting a new end-game brick/marble building tier?

Mainly asking because the new stations look much more advanced and aesthetically pleasing then the current building tiers we have.

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I’d doubt it, but I agree that a marble style would be an excellent alternative to Black Ice / Reinforced Stone.

I’m really hoping that for the ‘swungle’ (swamp/jungle) we get a rough, flimsy wooden tier. It would be great for scaffolding, for weak interior walls, and for placing both in the North and in the East, where there is little sandstone.

I agree, I love the ‘Improved’ crafting stations. They’re awesome, great addition.

If they’re adding new material for building there, I hope it still be T3, raising up Tiers is not a good thing in this type of game, if they add more and more it will feel more like an MMO than Survival.

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To clarify, I didn’t mean new tier in a t4 sense, but the addition of a new t3 one.

Which, given the visuals of the new crafting stations would be more ornamental is style compared to black ice/reinforced stone which are function before form.

The addition of a Marble alternative for T3 would be amazing from an aesthetic perspective, and I fully endorse this suggestion. Same goes for a flimsy bamboo wood T1 (perhaps more wood than stone) as that would fit the Swungle biome well.


An adobe (mud) based building style would be kind of cool… like an Egyptian delta (mud) structures (for more exposed areas). Or perhaps a Polynesian ‘islandesque’ (thatch) kind of structures for those humid, dense jungles. I really love variety in crafting. Being able to ‘mix’ and ‘match’ building materials and structures for creative base design is quite fun.


Pretty sure I saw marble and pine in the AoC mod. I know you’re talking core game, but just a heads up. It also has obsidian, granite and a few others (usually faction-based materials).

Age of Calamitous (sp?) you mean?

I’ve tried it a few months ago, while there are some impressive placeables in there the building pieces are reskins of the existing tiers and lose their ‘new’ appeal quickly, for me at least.

If they have the time, they will most likely add a new(but same tier) building material to go with the “Swungle” and the introduction of arch stuff (Archernioum? w/e its called lol)

They did mention earlier in streams they will not add anymore vertical progression. It will all be flat same tier stuff. In regards to building and weaponry/armors.

Acheronian. Yeah, that would be awesome. Built from Corrupted Stone, with a design that blends in with the ruins.

If I recall correctly, Mr Bylos has said there will be no higher tiers than t3
But I can’t recall anything about new materials. so maybe we’ll see something for the new areas.

But I don’t know what kind of buff would be necessary in the new biomes?
I’ve noticed the warming buff from insulated and black ice is not as effective in testlive as it was in live.
I’ve not tested the cooling buff from stonebrick and reinforced stone, I usually build in the north.
Maybe the material buffs to buildings will be toned down or removed, since we still have no ingame notification of them.