Are we getting new building and materials in May 8th?

I heard rumors that some people were saying developers mentioned that there will be new t2/t3 building materials for jungle/swamp area.
Is that true?

I wonder if they are planning to release more gears and materials that are not in Admin Panel in current Testlive.

There will be serpentman weapons for certain as you can see their exceptional recipes on blacksmith thralls. I cannot comment if there will be armors as well since my armorer did not have those recipes. There is also obsidian as a resource for new weapons and armors.

As for building materials, I am guessing no. If anything we need a T4 set of building materials given the change to raiding.

apparently you can find serpentman weapons, and obsidian weapons and tools in Admin Panel in testlive.

And plus you will be able to get receipt of obsidian weapons and tools in volcano dungeon.

I don’t think they will release t4 building. But I wonder if they have plan for another style of t2/t3 building for jungle/swamp version that’s what I am saying.

From what I have read/been told, we will get new building types for the new area’s but these will follow the same Tier structure that we have already.

In the swamp / jungle biome (swungle as they called it xD) we will have the ability to build tree houses. Which sure means they will add some pieces to that. At least thats what I expect