Did anyone notice

The new tier one building pieces? Or at least that’s my best guess of what they are.

Not the greatest photo, but they can be seen in the treehouse part of the trailer too. They look different from the new glass dlc (which looks amazing by the way!).

Now I’m wondering if we’ll get different tier 2 and black ice buildings…


I love this! Looks like some type of shipwreck set considering the context for the island. I hope we still have the older building pieces as well is my only concern, don’t limit me like this!!

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Well it says in the video that you have to scavange for those parts - maybe it´s also not the same way of crafting? Someone also commented on that strange guy hammering the building, speculating about building thralls… At least this building hammer seems to change its old function!

i love the idea of having wood as t1 building :^) i didn’t really like the look of the t3 building poieces at all, but i guess that’s optional, i have DLC to cover that part though (^:

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Honestly I couldnt be happier that we are getting some new T1 and/or T2 building sets. There had been so much focus on the top that we lacked variety at the bottom. And with the ability to use these pieces on the old map too we will have a whole heap of variety soon.


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