Building Hammer

Ok, I’m gonna make it short.

I hate the building hammer.

Finding a specific type of building part used to be easy before, you would just have to type the first letters of the generic piece you were looking for (eg: ceiling), and all the possible DLC parts corresponding to that generic term could be compared to each others while crafting them. Now? I have to scroll through the menu each time I want to build, let’s say ceilings, of different DLCs, side by side. It’s a waste of energy.

Please add a search option to the construction hammer so we could compare the different DLCs as we are building! :scream: :scream: :scream:


On a brief aside, if we are going to have the building hammer, can it please get the functionality of the repair hammer folded into it?


They said they were going to add search to the building hammer, but that was a while ago and we still don’t have it, so I guess they either haven’t had the time or implementation has been giving them trouble.

Personally, I wish they would have just kept both systems in place. I do like some aspects of the hammer, but other times I really wish I could just build the piece before placing it.

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Ooh, I did not know about that, thank you for this piece of information. I hope they will continue working on it soon then. :sob:

Yup, I agree with you totally. It was easier to pre-craft a fixed number of building parts then apply it in rows, than adjusting the rows as you go because you cannot pre-craft.

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