Building Hammer... Mod remove it, or Option?

I’ve given this hammer a few months… and ya.

I used to love building, but this stupid hammer and menu set up is not fun. I’m constantly losing items I pick up or frustrated with menu, or not having radial wheel cancel it out, and slamming O to get out of it mid fight.
Theres a delay on onscreen prompts… which sometimes just isn’t a delay, it just never happens. So you have mess with r2-l2 to see if your in raise or rotate mode. (which sometimes doesn’t even trigger right.)

I like how everything is sorted in menu… but the whole set up is driving me bonkers…

I gave it months to sink in, and feel useful…

I’m done with it, I want it gone. I want building to be fun again… I think idea of building crafting table or menu next to inventory would have been fine fix. Or even clicking sort button in inventory to switch from personal tools and wraps/potions to building items would have been better.

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I’m the builder for my clan. At first I hated the hammer for some pvp related reasons but after using it for a while and getting used to its different capabilities. I actually find it a huge upgrade. You can delete things from a mile away so no more scaffolding pieces needed for instance. There’s a option to click on one piece and not even have to ope your building menu which makes it very easy.
However I do not like making bench’s/stations with the hammer. I much preferred to have all the placeables in my pocket.
IMO it’s better and I build a lot of pvp bases which require fine detail to be properly defendable.


do you use controller or keyboard with the building hammer? I have sensed a bit of a correlation with whether someone is a controller or keyboard builder with how much they like/dislike the build hammer. I’m just curious which you are because Sera is clearly a controller builder with the R/L comment.

I agree. Building is ok with the hammer, but not placeables. I absolutely hate placeables being on the hammer.


To each their own, but I personally consider it an improvement and really like it! Everything feels much more orderly. The only suggestion I would make at this point is to decrease its weight just a tad.

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I play controller now pc had to many cheaters for me.

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okay thanks

I use Controller, Tried it for both anyway. Mostly play with controller on ps4 and pc.

I’ve been gaming since Arcades and Atari… I’ll die with a controller in my hand. XD

Only thing I like is Sorted menu thats just building stuff. Alot of items like Decos that shouldnt be in there…

I’ve kept myself quiet for months letting hammer sink in use. Just don’t like it.
I also play alot of games, were you simply tap a build button or hold a build button. So needing extra item, and having equip it feels like pointless extra step.

Not world ending. But… other games do it better, and some of suggestions to fix building were there, and they did this.
I gave it time… just wanted speak my piece. Want it gone. (which wont ever happen… )

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Ideally, they’d have both systems and allow players to choose, but that probably isn’t going to happen either.

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Works fine for me, no issues.

I really hated the construction hammer in the beginning, since I was used to placing the most relevant building pieces on my hot bar and then alternating between them really quickly: no GUI, no scrolling, no clicking, no fuss, no muss.

Over the time, I got used to it somewhat. I still dislike not being able to switch between different building pieces quickly, like I could before, but I don’t hate it as much as I used to.

Another pain point is not being able to search. Yeah, sure, it’s easy to know that the “Argossean Inverted Wedge Sloped Roof” is under the “building pieces” tab in the Argossean category, but it’s not quite as easy to remember where you can find the casting table, especially if you’re playing with a relatively new character and it turns out you forgot to spend knowledge points on that particular feat.

Of course, there are also things I love about the new system, such as only having to have the mats in your inventory without crafting the necessary pieces (and waiting for them to be crafted and making sure you crafted the correct quantity), or the complete refund when you remove a piece, or the ability to say “I wanna craft one more of these” by just pointing at it and clicking.

In the end, the new system is pretty nice, but it has usability pain points that I wish they would work on. Sadly, I don’t think they will. I think they can see that it’s “good enough” and it’ll stay this way.

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I think they have said they will add that at some point.

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I have found the transition to using the hammer, mostly harmless, its odd to begin with (if you , like me were used to the old system) but once you get the hang of it, it definitely has its advantages.
I believe it to be quicker overall (as in more efficient) while building.

There are a couple of issues with it that frustrate me however.

  1. I hate the fact that the ‘place’ command button is (at least for us folks on consoles using controllers) the same button for ‘delete’ - because of this I have found myself deleting building pieces by accident, instead of placing them, very annoying.

  2. Placeables - Specifically bulky items such as crafting tables and workbenches. I find it tricky to actually place the ‘ghost’ version of whatever table or bench I am attempting to place accurately.
    It can be difficult to judge distance with it sometimes, (eg: when trying to place a bench near a wall – for some reason I’m always a bit out, frustrates me no end)

Maybe it’s just me, but I never had an issue with this before.

I think if the placeable was ‘solid’ instead of a ‘ghost’ version of it, it would actually be easier for me, :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I definitely don’t wish to go back to the previous system.

The new building hammer had a little bit of a learning curve for me because I was used to 4 years of hotbar placed pieces. But this new way is just way more efficient and I can swap back and forth between pieces with ease.

One thing some of you may try is if you’ve placed a type of piece before, you can switch back to it with Middle Mouse Click if you have it highlighted or otherwise have the crosshair over it. And if you need to swap to a piece that’s a different style (such as Nemedian when you have Khitai selected) just mouse over the style you want, middle mouse click, press F and it will be in the section of the style you want.

Nothing beats the new system period when it comes to tear downs. What used to take hours to tear down (buildings in excess of 20,000 building pieces) takes under a minute and you get every material back.

As an admin it is great because if you need to help a player pick up pieces they can’t reach because they are under the ground. You can ghost, pull out the hammer, right click and then click the stuff, it gives you the material back even if you’re not in the same clan (have to be logged as admin), and you can drop them the materials.

I do wish all of the placeables were in there. I don’t mind them also being craftable in the artisan bench, but I definitely want the option to use the hammer so I can simply place what I need with the raw mats on me.

The only thing that would make the hammer even better is the ability to build from nearby inventories such as chests and followers. If they did that, it would be a near perfect system. I have suggested this during the beta, and it was stated they’d like to do this, but said it could take some time to work out. And wouldn’t be ready till a much later patch. I do hope they will follow through with this.

Currently Unlock Plus has a method of doing this, and it works pretty well, but its not really automatic, it requires a key press and only pulls 1 or 5 of the building material. It still helps in a pinch though. Especially when I need to place a single crenellation and don’t want to hunt down storage. If that was base game, it would be absolutely fantastic.

So I would say keep it as is and wait till all features are finished. I definitely wouldn’t say no to delete/remove being on a separate button. Though I feel by now I’d have to relearn it again if that happened.

Oh my god I had no idea about the middle mouse button. That’s fantastic. You just saved me a lot of scrolling.

Hmm… I mean that’s fair enough, not everybody has to like it :slight_smile:
However, I am curious whether you spent those months actually building a lot of stuff and using the hammer? (For example building at least 1 full fairly large base from scratch with it)… or did you just spend those months occasionally putting a teleport shack here and there and didn’t even play much conan in between other games? :stuck_out_tongue:

I ask, because it makes a difference in whether you actually gave it a shot.
In any case, I still very much dislike the lack of a search. AndyB said he can see how a search would be nice, but didn’t want to promise anything :slight_smile: so that’s all the information I have on that :man_shrugging:

This one (as with many things) sees potential with the hammer, but just doesn’t quite like the specifics of implementation.

For those keeping score, controller user.

The build/delete toggle seems just a bit off, it often seems to just toggle itself. Might be lag or latency related.
Some of the items this one thinks should be in the hammer aren’t, others vice versa. Hedge rows are crafted at the work bench, which is crafted with the hammer, unlike the bedroll.
The break down between Handcrafted, Hammer crafted, and Benched doesn’t seem entirely consistently intuitive to this one. Others may like it better.

This one tears at their beard in frustration that the build hammer lacks the functionality of the repair hammer. These items, please roll them into one…

That said, being able to choose a piece to be the current active crafted is nice.
While getting started building is much slower, once the project has a sample of most pieces on site, it is quite quick…
In creative mode.
Which seems to be the best place to use the hammer.
Crafting while climbing has become a bit more burdensome… Which means building scaffolding. What a hassle. If this one wanted realism this one would rage for much longer construction times. That’s a mild jest, but only barely. The fundamental difficulty of building if one cannot fly is irksome.

That it occupies the hand can also make lighting an issue, (this one, in perpetual penny pinching, most frequently use Glinmermoon or another glow weapon for illumination because whisps are taint dependent and can only be used in a few places, and “repairing” torches is annoying) and getting jumped while building is very obnoxious.

While it does bring several nice features to the table, this one hopes it is revisited and gets a bit more tinkering.
Honestly, the more one dwells on it, the more it really is just a few small irksome things that turn this one against the hammer. If those points were smoothed, this one would likely consider it a solid system.


Trust me. There are opinions against the hammer that don’t change with time no matter how much you build. This is the reason I do not favor removing the artisan bench as some have suggested elsewhere. The hammer has a learning curve; once you are over that, your opinion sets in stone and while some love it, others remain not a huge fan.

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Yes, I have found this also, seems to get more pronounced with lag.

I think this could be solved by simply using another button for the ‘delete’ option. (Well, it won’t solve the lag / latency issue, but at least you wouldn’t be suddenly deleting building pieces instead of placing them, heh)

I suspect this is really just an issue for us on consoles.

All of this aside, I think I prefer this system.