What is everyones thoughts on the New Construction System?

Overall its much easier to navigate the new Build Menu than it was the old way.
It’s essentially a copy of Valhiems building system.
I think the Hammer is redundant and would rather just open a Construction menu with a single button press like No Man’s Sky, but I guess the hammer is more Conan RP.
For me it’s just another item to clutter up my Inv.
Why not at least combine the Build Hammer with Repair Hammer (like Valhiem)?

I do miss the ability to Pre-make pieces. I like to build Thrall Stations around the map and it was much easier to just pre-make all the parts I needed and then go build than it is to figure out how much overall materials I need to take for everything and hope I didnt miscalculate.

I wish there was a bit more functionality.
I’d like to have more snap points on objects.
I’d also like the ability to turn off snap points and just free build.
I’d like to see some Half Walls and Short Walls, Double Window Walls, Arches, Horizontal Beams, Corner and Rounded pieces. (FOR FREE! NOT DLC OR BP/BAZAAR).
There are a lot of common building pieces that seem to be missing.

It’s a good start and I like the Building/Construction System in Conan Exiles.
I hope Funcom improves on it.


I love it

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I love it, if we can still improve it why not !

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To be honest, I have really used it except for minor things like tables and chests yet. I can see the functionality when putting up repetitive pieces but can’t provide objective feedback yet till after I get a creative spurt.

Now the friend I play with…that’s another matter. We lost an entire fridge of special fish and my delving bench that I brought over from Siptah. He is so into the rote button pushing of the previous version that I fear he is going to delete the rest of the base.


I like the system. Even if I was a fan of having boxes with the exact amount of building pieces for temporary wheel outposts.
What I don’t like is where the delete button is placed. And how to switch it on and off on playstation. I deleted things by accident :see_no_evil: not only once.

Also I would like to see a slow moving function i can enable. The movement is faster then before and already before this update i had this feature wish :slight_smile:

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Not good nor bad, its ok as least. Having to carry a hammer not botter me at all. One thing i not liked is the fact that you could only work with one block at a time and have to F to change and look the piece you want, and do it again again and again. Before this system you could put a foundation, a ceiling, pillar and wedge and maybe a wall, and build freely. Could be with a hammer in hands or not whatever.

Maybe if we could set some favorite pieces and switch it by mouse scroll when holding the hammer it could be an improvment.

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I found an unexpeted behavior at the system, when you go for delete, you must be very careful, to point exactly what you want to delete and click slowly, beause if do a mistake or your mouse moves while you are clicking you can delete something that is far far away. Just like when you tried to place a piece in the old system and accidentally it clips on a place where you was not pointing for example.

I made a line of foundations and then, i was running foward and deleteting all them running and clicking. When a finished, notice things that was on my back, very far from me was deleted too and randomly.

Good system. Not good for a person defending a base.

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New players will love it i suppose. I have grown accustomed to the old system. Of course the old system was a bit more fluid building things when you had the parts in the quickbar. Now i have to fiddle with a menue each time. HOLD! you might say YOU ARE FIDDELING WITH A ALL IN MENUE WHEN BUILDING THOSE PARTS and that is fair, i guess. Its just reaying materials and then building seems so much smoother. I know it isnt really. Oh and you got to use a tool now when building.

To be honest i liked the old system better, sorry, but change isnt always accepted readily by people accustomed to a system. It doesnt break the game. Its reasonable and makes sense. It feels awkward. I guess we’ll grow accustomed… in time…


I like the system for building pieces. Being able to return the full amount of resources from a part make changing the pieces so much easier because you only need enough in your inventory to make one foundation, and you can change your entire build from Khitan to Yamatai. Of course, this doesn’t work if the target look uses different materials.

However, I do not like the point and shoot for workstations. We had this come up over the weekend. A guy wanted a specific workstation he can’t make to put in his base. I couldn’t make it and drop it for him. The fish trap issue is also a problem.

So, buildings yes, workstations no.


somewhat frustrated as i’m unable to build on my own land claim from an existing single player game. I have to leave my land claim in order to build.

I’m still struggling because old habits die hard…not that I am promoting nun homicide :wink:

I think they did a great with job and made massive improvements to QOL.

Fast. Easy to use.

I don’t play online so I don’t have to worry about not being able to share those building items, so that part doesn’t affect me at all.

Cuts my build time in half

deleted loads of my base by accident. its bad.

I am struggling to comprehend what I am reading.

Let me get this straight, so some people prefer an inferior and much more sluggish and slower system???

So again, to get this straight, people prefer having to put all their items and weapons off their quickbar to replace them with a limited number of building pieces, from which they will always need to swap around many of them constantly, and then when done have to switch again to their items, then when they want to build switch again, in early levels even worse, realize they need some more stone, pull a building piece off to toss the pick on, toss the builded item back on or if not available build it and toss it on and continue and rinse and repeat… as opposed to leaving your quick bar at the ready and never having to hassle with ANY of this back and forth, ever, and just have a hammer there? Or worst case scenario, replace one less used tool you use for a while to a hammer for when building and back?

So people prefer to not have a delete at all, and go back to holding down F and dismantle all the time for every single piece, and with the new system taking a second to make sure the correct piece is red to delete it which is still a million times faster is not good enough? Worse yet, they prefer walking up to a piece to delete it as opposed to deleting it from farther away? Especially something like a ceiling higher up?

So, people prefer waiting for all their parts to be crafted, which takes time, as opposed to on the fly just having the materials on them and just going at it and instantly making each piece with a single click and no crafting times?

People prefer having to sit there before hand to count their foundations and how much they need and if they end up changing the plan and not needing a piece have spare parts (which again, take time to be crafted) as clutter for WHEN they will need it again, as opposed to again just having materials and a hammer?

People are not happy with bypassing aaaaall of the above, and being able to on the fly select existing pieces to change to what they are building? So, its cumbersom, having say a stair into a corridor, with walls and ceilings, and then making a new room connect to it, and instantly picking a foundation, dropping it down with zero crafting time, picking a wall, tossing it on, picking a ceiling, etc etc, and on the fly build intuitively?

People prefer finding their pieces in that tight small menu and dislike a clearer and categorized menu? (ofc, it needs learning and getting used to… and this is cause for issue? So many QOL and the need to learn 3 menus is too much?) And worse yet have to sit through builded pieces in an inventory as well when they are build from before???

I am really struggling to agree with complaints. On any level.

Sure, it can be tweaked further to be even better, the mousewheel is a nice idea for example, etc. But its still a superior system before which the older pales by comparison in the overwhelming shadow the new system spreads over it.

I made a base in less than 1/3rd of the time I usually take. And not counting the crafting time not needed anymore. Taking into account the crafting time as well brings it down to something like a tenth of the time. Easily.

And no, its not a matter of habit, as in, I am new or haven’t played much so I can adapt. I have played over 1.2k hrs total and 1k of those where easily just building. I still found the new system to be vastly superior.

Now, I might not agree to a battle pass and an annoying “lets get in your way with challenges” approach that we need to chase for battle points, as opposed to going about your own free sandbox experience in the world, with ridiculous grind for nothing in terms of rewards, and so I ignore it. I may not agree with Sorcery being added to CE at all and have been against this from 2 years ago when talks and feedback was calling for it. But man, if I am to not be ok also with a far superior building system by comparison, then idk what to say any more.

I am at a loss of words, I honestly don’t know what to say. I can understand so many other gripes. This, however is not something I expected :rofl: I’m baffled to say the least.


To play devils advocate, the ONLY backdraw to this system is not sharing DLC buildings with people that are freeloading. Thats about it. Seems to me that might be the only reason some are annoyed by this change. That is kinda stingy if you ask me.

edit: I am really surprised with this feedback. I really am.

I in fact had many complaints with the old system and how cumbersome it was, mostly the things I just mentioned above. All issues that I no longer have.

For PvP defense as well, I’d be dancing circles around the enemy with that hammer and the ability to on the fly pick an item from my base they are bashing onto to straight up build whatever I want without having to know before hand what I “might” or “might not” need…

Sure, can be improved, everything can, but wow… compared to that inferior sluggish cumbersome and time wasting system from before? This is vastly superior.

And if freeloaders really have issue, petition for the ability to also build pieces “into” a container so as to share with others. As in, say you turn the Aquillonian Foundation on, point at a container, and start clicking to add pieces of it in there.

Whoever picks the pieces up, can then place them the same way, the hammer/system can do a check for said piece existing in the inventory, and place it.

There are ways to fix this issue too, and without going back to that sluggish and really outdated building system from before.


Umm yes this is a crafting game after all. If you don’t want to waste time in a crafting game go play creative mode instead. The old system gave you a more sense of accomplishment with “crafting each piece” The way they have it now its like playing creative mode… way too easy and no sense of crafting anything. Ridiculous

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I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do.
Major improvement in so many ways.
A few things that need to be done to make it the best -

  1. Be able to load up a follower with materials and build from your followers inventory.
    Being able to pre build pieces in the past really cut down on carry weight. Building from chests is less desirable in a clan environment.
  2. Merge the repair hammer with it or remove the repair hammer and let us bind a key.
  3. Not really related to the building system so much but give us a second, toggle-able hot bar. Press a key, swap bars between building/mining and combat items.