New building system is actually terrible

Can we have the old way back for PC.


Maybe give it a chance? I really love it :heart_eyes: (PS4-5 player).


Yeah it’s good for console but for PC it just slows the game down


It did take a bit of getting used to and initially I did get a little frustrated with it but now that I’ve spent a bit more time with it I really do appreciate how organised and easy it is to find things (though I also play on PS).


well i play on pc, and now i have the feeling to play with a console … but problem is have a pc and not a console, there is a reason for it.

I’m on ps5 and I kinda prefer it to the old system. No more scrolling through endless amounts of build options. Only thing is annoying me is I keep hitting wrong buttons and putting the hammer away :joy:


Yup, will take some time to get used to it, but I really, really like it :slight_smile: .
Will not be missing that endless list :smiley: .


Time is an illusion.

Previous Method:
You spent time looking through a wildly inefficient handcraft menu hunting building pieces.
You queued them up. You waited for the craft time.
You put them onto your hotbar if you didn’t empty it in advance.
If you use multiple pieces that won’t all fit on the hotbar, you have to take time to switch between as you place stuff.

All this adds up to time.

New Method.
You open it. You tap L1 (I play PC but use a controller because I’m more used to it)
You select your part. You place them.
Tap again, pick something else.

In terms of timing, the new method can be faster once you know where stuff is. It’s also much smoother. After all the building I did with the old system…I must prefer the new one.

Now lets talk quality of life upgrades.

Funcom needs to give us a Hotbar specific to build mode. To go into the inventory and queue up a bar of items. To let us cycle between them and quickly place stuff.

Such as selecting a Foundation, walls, doorframe, windows. To quickly go between “standard” options in a framework, just like real construction work is done.

You place down your foundation.
Then you set your walls, windows, and doors.
Then you add more as you go.


The only issue I have is I wish it could take plant fiber and automatically make it into twine.

Outside of that the system is vastly superior. Being quicker to simply craft the items you need on site rather than hope you have enough specific pieces built. I find it to be much quicker than the old method and far more immersive.

One feature I asked for, and we MIGHT see in the next major patch (like 3.1 or something) was a way to craft buildings from materials in local inventories (chests, vaults, and bearers). That’s definitely on the radar and something I’m sure everyone would enjoy.


For console to pls


OP -Disagree.

Now you cant body vault benches.
They give you the materials back.
More efficient that way.

How? It speeds everything up drastically. Within an hour I had the same base that would have taken me 5 hours to complete with the old system.


No - I love the new system.


It takes some time to figure out but once you get the hang of it, it’s much faster and easier. Change has a learning curve. It doesn’t mean it’s bad, just different.


I actually really like it… and I didn’t even spend much time with it, just did a quick test today.

The only issue I have with it is the weight of the hammer… as on some builds carrying it around uses up a lot of inventory weight, however you can always just pick some grass and chop some wood and make a new one…

Other than that though :slight_smile: My mind was blown!!! I posted in the share your shelter not long ago that house I built in the woods… My biggest frustration during that was the crafting times for the various pieces… some of them were faster, some slower, but they all had a crafting time and now that’s gone!!

Also nice to see the inventory crafting menu a bit cleaner… I completely given up on that over the years and only ever used the search box. Now you can actually browse it again.


If you would’ve asked me my opinion early in testlive, I would have wholeheartedly agreed. But after building my ugly-tower-base on H6 in testlive…I’m never going back. It’s just way faster and easier to correct mistakes. I FLEW through construction on that thing with minimal time and errors.

And dang…I didn’t even think about how this now affects body vaulting benches…+1 for that.

But OY! FC! Move Fish Traps to the Carpenter’s Bench OR Remove the requirement to have a Fish Trap in the inventory for Improved Fish Traps!



I think the biggest thing is it really demands you to max out Expertise. If you don’t do that, you’ll still build pyramids but you’ll stick to historic time frames to do so.


I used it and it feels more organized and faster to build with.

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That’s always been the case. Any large scale build pretty much demanded max encumbrance. Now it’s just enc and survival all in one attribute, saving points for other stats