Miss the old way to build

i miss the old way to build when you have the building pieces in your hotbar i fell the new way to build is way too klunky and it feels so stress full


I felt the same at first, but I recommend experimenting with it for a little while. The copy and paste options are kinda cool. Go into single player and do the home builder journey steps to learn it a bit more. Use creative mode. You’ll get the hang of it in due time.


There are times I miss the old ways (especially when I am building with multiple sets) but for the most part, I have fully integrated into the new way.

The one thing I have noticed though is that the 100% return of resources leads me to a more nomadic lifestyle and promotes my ADHD significantly as I get bored easily as many will attest who have played in servers with me before. (‘Where did he go?’)

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I wish Funcom would allow players the option to choose which build method they prefer. Personally, I bloody hate the construction hammer, so I use the old way of building stuff in single player


Hate Hammer as well… From constant mis-clicks. To items being clipped in something… forget you in build mode.

You exit menu, and go back in… and its always highlight item you just built, not one you were short items on.

Only bonus to Hammer is deleting stuff quickly.

So much faster to slap items in hotbar. And use them.
Also so much easier to build and see amounts of items.

Rather have a Builder Bench… so I can set stuff to build. Come back and take it out and just build.

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I miss it too. Especially when building from multiple set.


This one has issues with the new system as well.

Not the least being that the building hammer and the repair hammer are absurdly separate items…

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In all honesty, the new system is a freaken breeze to use. No more trying to figure out “do I need X of this item, and Y of that item” and ending up with spare pieces sitting in chest because you made to many. And then, there was the fact that you didn’t even have the arrow to show the facing of what you were placing, so if you are as OCD as I can be about things…you are GOING to place thing down, get annoyed that it’s not facing the right way because Funcom LOVES to change the way things are facing for no bloody reason, and then have to destroy them for a craptastic partial return. No thank you!

Sorry but the new method has so many advantages and is just easier in general.


The old building method was garbage, if you needed to use more than a hotbar’s worth of building pieces it got clunky in a very bad way. Hell you had to rebuild your entire hotbar after building. Now its one slot. No more fumbling through inventory, having wasted mats on blocks you don’t need. No more having to climb up a wall to dismantle a wall that’s backwards. And very much the ease of tearing down a building quickly.

The only way the new system could be better is if it took from local storage and inventories (like thralls and pets). That would be a godsend.


The only thing I miss is being able to drop DLC pieces to people that can’t afford to put money into the game.

With the hammer I’d be happier if the delete function had a longer toggle time.

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You just fumble thru Builder Menu now… which list “EVERYTHING”

Instead of the 12 different things on me…

I said it before… the menu isn’t killer. its the HAMMER…

I can hold touch pad on Fallout 76… BAM Building mode on.

Having to dig out hammer, equip it…and use it. Come on… The Hammer is Worst part of new system, next to all items being listed and button prompts being half assed. They do not look good on ps5 on a 4ktv…

A Work Builder Bench… with large radius. and a “Builder” Thrall. (blacksmiths/Carpenters and others could be slotted in to)
And Hot Key to Start Build Mode…

Dump everything in there. and Set thrall to Build it. It Works Gameplay/Time wise.

Allows Player to build items… and have parts to build them. And Do to radius of Workbench to build same way Hammer does it. With out the Hammer…

After a Year+… I Hate the Hammer. the Ability to Delete on go is nice… Both Original Method and Hammer still have issue of having stuff on you.

They should have went with Builder bench… It kept old systems… added a New thrall to hunt down.(other thrall work, but Builder thrall did better)
Cleared out Player Build inventory by a chunk.
It would have gave player good idea of Build radius. (which is an issue online…not sp)

It didn’t need hammer…

There was a better way to do building… but they opt’d for unique over-haul.

I get building instance is a Nice QoL, Builder Bench would have been nice middle ground. Of almost instant. thrall would’ve done it quick enough that you’d never have placed everything.
Super Builders I know… love it… I assume most of you just use creative mode…

Gameplay wise… i’d rather have old method or nice middle ground.

We have too many, too many and we keep buying.
In a late game character i feel that i don’t want ti play anymore.
From benches to hammer we loose our most time on filters and search engines.
The old building system is gone, end of story.
How do we improve the new one is the question.
Building vanilla on water surface is very frustrating on consoles. We need for starters camera improvement to this one. And allow first person on water when we hold the damn hammer, help us a bit.

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I never understood the reason why we don’t have first person camera on water.

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Anyone who has played other Funcom games knows that they make weird decisions. Not always bad, not always good, but often just weird. Having just arrived at this game recently for the first time, I don’t have anything to miss, I just see it as it is now and it’s been a pretty good system compared to many of the other builder games I’ve played. I love the different tile sets and the ability to simply remove pieces while recovering all mats. Snap points and facing arrows are very nice, too.

Overall, this building system is really great for my CDO.


Valheim did it this way and I hated it. Had to build several workbenches to cover a radius on larger builds or keep dismantling and rebuilding it. I much rather keep the hammer in my bag and just equip it when I want to build or tear down. Its much more convenient. Especially when combined with the fact that all of my stuff is sorted by style and type. I don’t have to keep moving my hand off my mouse to search for the style and piece I’m looking for in the handcrafted section.

From an admin point of view the hammer is amazing as well. It used to be I had to shift delete something for a player (like when a foundation got below the mesh when building). If I wanted to not shift delete it and give material back, I had to join their clan or count what I destroyed and reimburse.

But now, I can just right click stuff with the hammer and I don’t need to join their clan and can just give them the materials back in a chest or drop it down in front of them. Super easy compared to before.

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How do you do it please? I thought we could only use the hammer in single player too.

We improve the new system by adding a search option in the hammer menu.
Because the way you have to scroll things down, enter a first category, click back, scroll again, enter a new category, click back, scroll some more, enter an other category, click back… is honestly draining.
It actually takes me more time to build with the hammer than it ever did with the old system, just because of that missing feature.
So the hammer is not fun to use at all in its current state.


Then allow me to explain what’s missed here.
All the building items you see while using your hammer was on your inventory crafting menu.
You wanted to fix a necessary item and you have to scroll down for the whole day to find it if you had all the dlcs. Of course pc players had search engine, but console just filters. You simply cannot imagine the frustration , since some items like sloped walls were categorized different and they were not on each dlc, you had to scroll up and down to find them.
Then, the building pieces had crafting time, so people in here complaining and asking over and over solution to this part giving plenty of suggestions.
Because you didn’t knew exactly how many pieces you need to fix, you were fixing always plenty of each and because you didn’t use them all you had a couple chests full with building pieces.
If you happen to dismantle them, you were taking a percentage of your materials back, so it was not a good idea to dismantle them.
The building system was full of bugs and you needed workarounds for many building pieces.
If you wanted to fix a high wall and you happen to place it wrong, you had to climb and retrieve it or break it. But overencumbered you couldn’t climb a lot so in really high walls you had to empty your self, to climb, retrieve or break the wall ( if you didn’t own the dlc) , loose materials of course and place it back. Yet you cannot imagine how easy was this to be done since we didn’t had the indication arrow.
These are some of the things this system changed, if i scratch my head more i will find more old building frustrations.

The old building system had just one good part, ONLY one, non other. You could share building pieces and crafting stations with others.
So new players were receiving preservation boxes from older players, or crafting benches. People who didn’t own dlcs, could build with other dlcs as long as someone would give it to them.
That’s the only good part to miss, nothing else.


Access admin panel,?locate the building materials you wish to use and place them in your hot bar. Do NOT enter creative mode or craft the stupid hammer.

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You hate that hammer with a passion @Lucidique , eh? :smile: