Building Overhaul Discussion

So, I was going through the blog post about the changes to the building system and I realized a few things that are a bit troubling. I’ll note I’m only thinking about PC use, not Console.

Since all building pieces are no longer items in your inventory, and can’t be placed on the hotbar, two things intrinsically change.

First, you won’t be able to hold as much stuff before becoming encumbered. The weight of buildings materials is typically more than the weight of the building pieces themselves. Take Reinforced Stone Stairs as an example. I checked the wiki, and the stairs weigh 1.50, while the materials to make the stairs weigh 2.86. Unless the entire weight system is being rebalanced too, we will be hindered in building large structures by needing to restock more often.

Second, and this is far more troubling to me, is the lack of hotbar use. When building some large structure / base, I would normally put the set of building pieces in my inventory I would be using for awhile, then put a subset on my hotbar so I could swap quickly and easily between 6 or 7 items.

With the changes, if I understand things correctly, you now only have your currently selected building piece. If you want to swap to anything else, you have to open the building UI, and search through all the categories to find the specific piece you want to switch to. Alternatively, if you already have that 2nd piece you want to swap to placed in the world nearby, you can target it and press the middle mouse button.

Most of the time, I don’t have all those different building pieces just laying around to copy, so I’m going to have to spend a ton of time navigating menus to find the piece I need. This will railroad me into building with only one piece as much as possible before switching to something else. Decorating a base with knickknacks will now be a major pain. I will need to either spend 5 minutes placing all the possible items I might want in the middle of the room for easy copying so I can decorate organically, or I need to only place one kind of thing at a time everywhere before switching to a new item.

Maybe I’m wrong about how much of a pain and a slowdown this will cause, but I fear I’m not. The middle mouse button to change the building ‘brush’ is certainly an improvement that will speed some things up, but I feel like the loss of the hotbar and extra UI navigation will more than makeup the difference and slow me down overall.

One potential partial solution to this issue is to create a Building Hotbar. Let me toggle between the combat hotbar and the building hotbar with a button press. On the Building bar, I can place 8 items for quick and convenient swapping. Additionally, Funcom could add a Favorites list to the Building UI, where you can assign a larger set of pieces you want easier access to. This will require potentially a fair bit more upfront setup time than the current system when you start a building project, but will alleviate much of the burden the current proposed implementation appears to have.

The current changes as I understand them may make me far less likely to ever want to build cool stuff again due to the added time-sink and hassle of having to constantly navigate the building UI to find what I want.


My suggestion will be to wait and give it a proper chance. Based on what I read, it sounds similar to other games that use similar systems, and all of those work fine, if not well liked. I know people are resistant to change, but I think we all should give the system a proper chance (and not something like, 5 minutes lol) whenever we get to test it out.

I’ve been the mod creator for Less Building Placement Restrictions for over 4 years, and in that time if there is anything I’ve learned is that people are super creative when it comes to getting around problems with building. If there are perceived restrictions on you all builders, I have faith you’ll figure something out. Cause you literally always do.

So ya, I’m not really that worried about it. I’m eager to play with it and see what its like.


@Piankhi, if you may, I have an off topic question here. I see under your nickname the title bug hunter. If you are what your title says allow me to apply my gratitude. Bug hunting is not an easy “job” to do and we, all the simple players, own gratitude to these little heroes that help the company to make our gaming days better. So thank you for everything you’ve done, truly.
In topic now I see a wonderful suggestion, still to what? I know that some of you are really intelligent and understand things before you even see it, that’s unique. Bravo, is all I can say here.
However I will follow the path of @Multigun for now because I don’t play the new way yet so I cannot know if I like it or not.
We both agree that devs in this game are intelligent too, after all their work brought us here all.
So I will give it the proper chance first and we both know that if it needs improvement they “always listen”.
Thank you again for your contribution in this game, please don’t stop.


Yeah I’ll also have to see how their building menu works before really judging it, but I will say that, the other games I’ve tried with building menus also have way fewer building pieces and decor. Fx in Rust you can only build the lowest tier of building pieces from the building plan and decor aren’t a part of it.

Other games that use this system don’t have a weight mechanic like Conan. They just limit what you can carry according to a set number of inventory slots.

I am by necessity Fornite-fast on defensive building. It looks like we can hotkey items, but it’ll be a terrible shame if we lose access to our numbered hotbar for multiple pieces.




I missed this in my first reply. We might owe the one-item build hotbar to the new mechanic: it looks like the system compares your inventory and calculates how many of which piece you can build. I suspect 8 of these calculations might be very tough on the system*. In other words, they are very much encouraging the use of placing “complete pieces,” as well as the crafting via inventory materials. It seems to readily position consumers who’ve bought the stuff in the Bazaar.

* In SCUM, there is a newly-implemented wetness system that has caused thousands of issues in all other established systems and UIs. It even causes an FPS loss from stable 100 down to 15 when opening inventories with lots of items that carry this new Wetness state. Making an ad hoc calc to tell you that you can build 15 T3 Aquilonian Fence Foundations is trivial, but it scales considerably I would imagine.

i’m so glad this pc designed game has to cater to controller bots.


Heh, the Bug Hunting title came from back when these forums were first created. I was one of the first users and found some issues I reported, and one of the CM’s gave me the title. I’m not affiliated with Funcom in any official way.

And yes, like Multigun and you, I will definitely give the changes a good shot when they become available, and I hope I’m wrong about the new system slowing me down.

Looking at the screenshots on their blog post, it looks like it calculates how many you could build for every item in the window, not just the one you have selected.


I have a couple of questions regarding the new building update. I’m sure they will be answered once testing becomes available.

  1. will the new building system make it impossible to place pillars on the corners of ceilings and foundations?

  2. does the update remove the ability to overlap 3 wall pieces?

I ask because my builds currently use these techniques to create better-looking window designs.

Above, 3 stormglass windows overlapped.

Above, Stormglass window, Nemedian wall, Stormglass window overlapped.


Very nice designs. I wish that was standard in Conan Exiles with those extra snap points. We could get very creative with pillar placements especially on those corners of ceiling and foundation pieces.


I also wish it was standard with extra snap points. This is on official, but the process is a pain in the buttocks to accomplish.


I haven’t seen any evidence that the way building pieces go together is being changed. So any weird loopholes you have for placing pieces in sockets they don’t normally easily attach to I imagine will still work as always.

The Building Overhaul seems much more UI focused, with the addition of the easy one click removal tool.

I will say this, I’m worried that default set pieces (Sandstone, Stonebrick, Reinforced Stone, Insulated Wood and Black Ice) sets are going to get new, un-moddable pieces that will break all the chroma work that’s gone on.

So those great new windows for Sandstone, Stonebrick and Reinforced stone? You will not be able to color them like you can the default pieces, because they aren’t in the Devkit. They are in purchase packs.


hum… really worried that there will be no hotkey for the buildings, but of course i don’t know that until i test it.

i hope we have the testlive soon :p.

It seems intuitive to have a “currently used”-category in the building menu, and you can customize what parts are in there. That would be great because right now the hotbar always is to small.

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New video of the building system changes. Doesn’t really say anything new though.

A picture is worth a thousand words. The new system seems a lot easier to use, with everything loaded into organized tabs instead of endless scrolling or searching in the hand crafting menu. Good video showing off it’s use

I can see how it would be quicker in the early steps, where you would be setting up for a big build. I would go through the stupidly massive list, craft the various things I knew I would want to use, then have just that small subset in my inventory I could swap onto my hotbar. Once that initial setup was done, the entire build process would then be fast because I could very quickly swap to different building pieces or decorations.

Under the new system, there is no initial setup, instead you often have to jump into the UI, scroll down to the appropriate section in a potentially long list, then search through a full screen of items for the one you want, then assign it to the one ‘hotbar’ slot you can have a building piece in, then place it without ever having to manually craft it.

The long searching step can be skipped if you happen to have the desired piece nearby to copy. If you don’t have one to copy, then you take the time to find it.

My building and decorating style will likely mean I spend a ton of time in menus over and over again, losing any potential gains the new system would create.