I don't like the new building mechanics

I mean yeah they’re nice but I was generally happy carrying walls and other craft stations around with me, now I have to specifically count how much resources I need to build a new home and furnish it etc


I like the new system but I think it would benefit greatly from being able to detect resources in chests that are within that base.

it’s nice for some things like not having a craft time for garrison benches and stuff but need to have building pieces craftable in the inventory as well. It makes building tedious when u only need a few of 1 item then the others. before it’d just be on your hot bar now i need to open a menu for it. pretty dumb.

definitely doesn’t make building any easier like they advertised.


I never thought it would be easier, since for PVP it was to easy… I haven’t tried the new system yet but im guessing they should even make it harder and slower. It should take a month to build a castle.

I don’t see how. Maybe for bench-made parts, sure. Otherwise, it’s exactly the same thing. You have so many resources and it makes so many walls - or whatever you’re making. You still need exactly the same number of resources for X number of building parts.

The new system speeds everything up by about 2 or 3 times. And removing unwanted pieces is easily 20 times faster - if there are a lot I bet it’s actually closer to a hundred times faster.

Dennis mentioned keeping both ways available tho and both are in the TL3.0 so maybe the release will also be so.

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Everything minus having the most relevant pieces you are using with diferent keybinds.
Apart from that the rest is okay, and the way to dismantle buildings is great, no more having to delete piece by piece. i know i have dismantled maybe thousands of foundations manually…

is sad that we can’t share DLC pieces with other people. i don’t think that was a good change either.

What? How does that work? So you can’t store pieces any more?

you can craft them if you have the dlc.
But since is not an item, you cannot give it to someone who doesn’t have it. because is not an item anymore.

lets say i am the builder of my clan but i don’t have the dlc.
i need or want to do a DLC building piece, a clan member who does have DLC could craft it and give me the item so i can build.

But i cannot do that anymore.

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I mean the only way to do it is to join a clan, build it and then leave

When it comes to building the shell of the structure, yes it actually does make it easier and faster. When it comes to building benches and other items, there I would agree that no, not so much. However, the biggest thing they said is that it would make it far easier for players using a gamepad, which I have never played exiles with so I cannot comment as to how building has been effected in that regard. But when it comes down to the basic structures of the building, foundations, walls and the like, it certainly is easier and faster.

You only need to place one each, after that you can pick the piece you want to build by copy pasting the already placed one with middle mouse button. It is actually quite convenient.

I miss the Crafting Time…

I’d much rather have Workbench, and set thralls to build stuff. And takes pieces around my base and build.

I get QoL of it all.

Crafting is part of game… I was just never fan of clutter menu, and we really needed a workbench of building stuff.

Havn’t had chance to play it, outside watch other mess with it. Dennis comments about console/controller controls being Bad.

Ummm They Were Good. Some of best building controls on Consoles. I gave you guys Kudos countless times for these controls being so good. >_>
And always poke fun at when they were broken and you taking to long to fix it. =p

Inless I get another SSD to install testlive on my PC, doubt get chance to get hands on… (got to many games that are active, so can’t delete them)

Creator Menu looks good. I kinda hope we can “bookmark” Catorgories. So If I was using Stables and Arena, I could set them to top of list.

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I agree a better solución would have been to have a constructión bench ,but keep building pieces as inventory

That Will remover clutter but keep it in a way we are all used to.

I would suggest that both system to live togerher. And let people choose which one to use.


Ya, I think Workbench and thrall making it. And Player Build Hammer connecting to Workbench would be a Great Middle ground.

Well, I’m going to be the odd person in this thread, I guess. I’ve tried crafting benches when Age of Calamitous came out. I haven’t played it in over a year, so my information may be out of date. But using their “crafting bench” for building pieces made base construction less fun for me (a bit tedious). So, I would not be in favor of a workbench for crafting base pieces (been there, done that, no thanks).

That being said, I like most of what the new crafting system has – but I’m still getting used to it. It does have a bit of a learning curve.

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I think, if you had go to workbench everytime… it be frustrating.

If they connected it to Hammer. So you could build abunch ahead of time, and build on go (via hammer menu) you’d solve issue of having back pedal.

At same time. To me going to workbench tossing in all parts, so there all in one spot, (or chests near by)
Habit with the one Mod. really enjoy that one.

Is way better than old to be honest after test it properly and faster. Make the game way way more interesant.

Only drawback I see is if your building your most likely to lose more stuff vs running out with premades.

I do like the new building system, but there is one thing I’ll miss about the old one. When harvesting resources for building with sandstone, I’d prebuild pieces out in the field because it reduced the weight I was carrying and thus I could collect even more, which means fewer trips. Can’t do that with the new system.

It’s no big deal, but it is another thing to have to get used to.

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I’m a mix of in-between. The speed at which I was able to build last night was AMAZING. The constant re-farming was NOT. I’m still peeved about having tons of plant fiber on me but having to stop, make the twine, then re-enter the interface to resume. Stuff like Iron/Steel reinforcements and Shaped/Insulated wood I can understand that you can’t just “auto-convert” but twine?! Really? I dunno, perhaps its because I’ve gotten used to farming and assembling parts in the field before properly constructing but it seems one time saving aspect has been offset by a time-extending aspect, resulting in a net-zero gain for me.

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