I don't like the new building mechanics

Hmm not a huge fan of that. I guess it can’t be helped, the pieces not being items seems pretty fundamental to the new system.

I Will miss the ability of having prefab pieces, :frowning:

I could have 8 different build pieces in My hotbar .

Now si The midle button ? How many pieces can i set up with the middle.button ?

Middle mouse button is to copy a piece which is already placed. So if you have one placed, you can just copy it and place more instead of selecting it from the menu.

Ok so i manually need to place each piece and so i can copy ok ok.


Well, @den said he was considering and likely to leave both systems in place - but for the TestLive just use the one. The old system is still there:

Just the initial crafting mechanism is absent. But likely to be put back in for the release. I agree tho… it’ll be a bummer if they don’t or if they forget:stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s a MASSIVE improvement. I went back to regular Live earlier today because the TestLive server died, and in just two days of using the new system, the old one seems positively ancient in comparison. And that’s coming from someone who’s a compulsive builder and always thought the building system was one of CE’s strongest suits (it was, and still is).


I like some of the things with the new building system and not others.

  1. A search function would be nice so you can go directly to the item or the group of items you are looking for so you are not paging through multiple menu options, for example if you are looking for a door, a search function that would display all doors would be nice.
  2. At times I like to build a structure near my base where all the crafting capability is, then disassemble it and move the parts to the construction site where they are reassembled. This has the advantage of having exactly what is needed, number and types of door frames, foundations, window frames, etc. The new system, buy disassembling everything into base components requires a bunch of screenshots and lists of components which is a major PIA frankly. It also results in the weight of the items to be greatly more than that of the already constructed building pieces which will greatly increase the amount of time a player is running around moving things, the boring part.
  3. The creative building mode is pretty awesome for admin created locations, and being able to point at and select pieces is great for speeding up the build. It would be nice to have some kind of last used queue available so you could rapid select the last few items you used eliminating the menu search to grab something (the aforementioned search function would help here too).

Yep, feeling the same way. What I like a lot is the delete button instead of using the radial wheel to pick or demolish.


Not a fan either, but it is what it is. I will probably get used to it over the weeks.

There are other, bigger concerns, in this patch :slight_smile:

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Os blocos e paredes não estão voltando para nosso inventário porém pode sim substituir uma parede por uma porta ou janela sem perder nossos recursos. É questão de acostumar com as novas ferramentas de construção. Vídeo gravado em testlive 3.0


print abaixo antes da atualização 3.0

Building mechanic is still the same they just change the tool bar for another kind of panel but i think the new panel and this hammer will bring a lot problems and exploits.

But i like the new panel and hammer.

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Vou testar isso, assim que terminar vou postar o vídeo sobre esse assunto aqui

I just wish they would let us pick up the pieces and trade them.


Português PT-BR

Eu também sempre faço isso ajuda muito no farm para o pvp. Olhando para esse ponto agora está pior sim ficou ruim poder somente coletar sem deixar fazendo o itens enquanto coleta o recurso.

Português PT-BR
O que está ruim com esse novo sistema de construção que agora não podemos voltar com um bloco para o inventário como era antes e também não conseguimos construir quando fazemos o farm. Mas acho que é apenas uma nova forma de construção, porém não tem como fazer mais nada sem o martelo.

Sorry man, I don’t speak Portugese, BR or otherwise.

tudo bem entendo mas não irá saber o que falei então tudo bem… ok?

I had to toss it into a translator. He’s more or less just saying he agrees and likes the new building system.

He did mention the fact that now you have to equip the building hammer to do anything, but you had to equip each individual piece before, so it’s really an improvement.

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Cheers. Yeah I could do that, but I’m not going to. I mean he’s free to speak whatever language he wants. Or if not, the mods can deal with it, not I. I haven’t actually ever checked if there’s anything in The Rules™ about that.

I can’t be bothered to have Google translate on standby for every post though :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s not going to work. It’s fine for the occasional post though.

I don’t recall anything specific in the rules about only using English, but whether it is or not it’s just a basic courtesy to use a common language, and English just happens to be the most widely used common language. Though I completely 100% understand if someone doesn’t speak it, so I won’t fault someone for using a different language unless it gets out of hand.