Building system tweek

it would be really nice espcially as someone that likes to build a lot on pvp official servers I think it could be really usefull to have the delete/salvage function for buildings like you have single player/dev mode it could be like a single keyboard shortcut where you just look at a wall or something press h or whatever then it salvages/returns the wall to your inventory and then you could do like 10 walls in less than 5 seconds versus the repetitive deleting something if you miss placed or just don’t like it or want to change something in your build you hadn’t already had like all t2 to t3 much faster even though is some balance takin away for builders I still think it would just streamline the game for better and more competitive builds

I was just messing around with it and deleting is point and click now. Use builder tool and right click it changes it to a delete tool, then just click away at everything you want to remove. haven’t tried it on damaged stuff yet. But stacked stuff is one click for whole stack. returns as resources. no more random building pieces in your inventory.


What bladespirit says is true, but it’s currently for the TestLive build so head over there if you want to check out the new system coming in 3.0. It’s a massive upgrade IMO.

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