Make mass-demolishing easier

Demolishing one’s base (in case of relocation or removing a obsolete outpost) is harder than to build it. Building a block takes just 1 click, while demolishing requires being near and pressing E for some time.
Please, add commands like “demolish all I built in 5x5 square around me”.
It will help responsible builders to remove obsolete constructions and will help irresponsible theme-park builders to become responsible. :slight_smile:


yes please! on ps4 it takes far too long for the demolish structure option to appear for each individual piece and then afterwards you have to wait ~5 seconds for the debris to disappear.

we have a repair hammer so why not a demolition hammer that incorporates the demolish command and destroys player-owned structure pieces with a single hit.


If there was a keybinding available for ‘destroy black I’m pointing at’, that was unmapped by default, players could map it if they choose and accidental destruction would still be avoided.

If pickup mod was incorporated into the game, with a keybinding added for that, it would be even better.

they just need to add the pickup option to the radial menu in the same way Ark does

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I’d be happy with the admin mode “shift delete” bind… if you are in the same range of [E] then instead of doing the menu wheel, shift+delete

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