Admin demolish command

would be nice if it were always available. itd make life alot easier for everyone 8]

A admin structure demolish feature would be a great asset for server owners and administrators .would have avoided a wipe or 2 over the year plus I have had my server.

If we’re talking about Shift+Del and Ctrl+Shift+Del bindings, then GOD YES PLEASE!!!

When I have to pull down a build, even if I don’t care about getting mats back, I still have to wade into the foundations and dismantle them one by one. That’s deep into the RSI territory right there.

yea on ps4 when a building is decayed, we get the demolish option that splodes the whole thing in one shot. id like to do that to anything anytime plz 8]


There is always the DestroyTarget command, but you need to be careful using it,
because improper aim can destroy the terrain requiring a server restart to fix

there most certainly is not


22/12/19 You Must be Admin to use Admin Commands
Started Single player mode, made myself admin. used shift,ctrl,alt,f10 to build without consuming mats.
Built a large structure added various benches.

Destroyed it all in one go using the DesrtoyTarget command in the command console.
It absolutely still works.

Are you on PC? I don’t own any of the other platforms to test it. but it works on PC

no keyboard support on consoles yet we dont get mods either, my grampa is dead too if ya wanna pick on me for that XD

sorry about your grandpa.

but I wasn’t picking on you.
you basically called me out, I politely responded, with the necessary steps.

the only time I even mentioned you was to ask if you were on PC.

nope, im deliberately triggered to keep bumping this thread i want a trophy and a cookie or a pickle herring whatever they give out wherever ur at.

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