Admin issues on ps4 pve c

I have one rule on my server not to build on world bosses, ghost, or npc spawns. The server is pve conflict. I have someone trolling that was recently banned. I can destroy structures but not things like animal pens or smithies…etc…
As a ps4 console admin how do I get rid of these things?

Ive tried to find help in multiple areas now I’m starting to feel I wasted alot of money on this game. With all issues I keep running into. $60 on game $40 on dlc plus $21 on monthly server and half the time I spend 45mins trying to to get in the game as it loads to full load bar then blue screens me out of game several times a day.

Now as admin I have people trolling all the world bosses and npc spawns breaking spawns and leaving signs saying hahaha but even after banning I’m still unable to remove structures to fix issue. Wish I’d known this game would have no support for the gamer before I wasted money. I really enjoy game and concept and was hoping for the new experience past Ark but starting to feel console users are left to suffer through issues alone.

turn the decay on and they will disappear

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Thank you. Can I ask how it works? I’ve read many things on it but dont want to turn it on then not visit a corner of my very large base only to find it missing later. Again thanks.

I have never been an admin so im not entirely sure. but if you set the decay timer to vanilla settings it shouldn’t take long for a pen to decay, overnight I think would wipe it.

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I’m just worried about my active members that have very large bases losing parts of their stuff or outpost bases cuz they didnt visit it in time. Arks admin controls was much easier to deal with trolls lol.

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Hello I’m in a very similar situation my ps4 server has been up 6 plus months. Have a lot of old bases. I can tear down taking a long time. Can not tear down temple unless on foundations etc. Turned on decay and abandonment after having been off. Lost 2 of my bases and one other player’s. Fortunately he was understanding. Hooked him up with materials. This was all new building old stuff not touched. Happened over night concerned about trying again. Might tick off alot of people. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

Gportal sight mentioned white listing but also mentioned steam account not sure they are up on ps4 that seems part of our problem I reset and things change settings change that where not touched.

Yeah I was worried of the decay. My only other thought was to turn server to password protected and switch pvp on so I can wipe all the abandoned items.

I ended up making a ps4 community page and posted name in the motd so actives could have notifications of when I do maintenance and or events.

Is that the conan bazaar.

I learned lesson changing stats between game settings or gportal. They dont sync. I change strictly ingame now to keep from jumbling my settings.

Not sure what you mean “conan bazaar?”

Conan Bazaar showed up months ago in notifications along with one in German not sure how they got their. How do you make a community page. Ty

I play on ps4. So I just downloaded ps4 communities app then invite everyone active from player list on server. I tried doing a message group but it got hectic so disbanded it lol. Before I found the community thing I had began making a forum which you can find free. Then posting link in the motd

Alright I’ll give that a try this weekend by the time I get home from work it gets to hectic if I learn anything will contact you Thanks Again

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