I need advice as a private server admin

I run a PVE server that before the pet update we had to reset our server due to overbuilding of inactive players. With the Decay system now in place people are complaining about stuff disappearing and some have gone so far as to accuse me of destroying their stuff to allow others to build there. so far I have had two major issues with this happening where my clan has placed things in the same general area. the only person with admin rights is myself and these things are happening while i am at work on a 12 hour shift. i have changed the password thinking someone figured the password out. I am truly a hands off kind of guy but I want to help the players and i want then to enjoy themselves without any oversight. I started this server just to enjoy others company while grinding. What else can I do to both build a trust and to retain players that have placed both time and hard work while playing on my server?

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First off, I’m very sorry for the decay problems that you’re experiencing. It’s something that is happening on officials as well. Something is fundamentally broken within the decay system, and has been for some time (like, the beginning). Hopefully these issues will be quelled in the next large update, with building optimization changing and linking building parts.

It’s noble that you want to keep your fellow server patrons happy and try to stay hands off in overstretching admin use. If you ran a PVE-C server (or pvp) I’d recommend setting up an arena for tournaments to hand out legendary gear. Since it’s PVE though it makes the choices a bit more limited.

You could still set up an Arena and spawn in spiders, dragons and other bosses for people to slaughter. This could become a tournament of kills, or a dragon hunting party, where they could team up to kill and harvest for materials.

I’ve seen people use Pippi Mod to create some really nice mazes for the server to try and clear to get loot. You might be able to make something similar even without the mod, it just makes it more convenient. Good luck!


thank you

Tough question. I doubt anyone figured out your password unless it was super simple like 12345. Have you modified the decay rates at all, or are they at default value?

I had a similar situation with overbuilding and players leaving, and with the decay setting turned off the server started getting a bit messy. We did full server restart, and activated the decay system, but I did not adjust any of the settings. Thus far we have not had any issues with the decay rates going haywire and buildings collapsing (knock on wood).

One thing to note, is that placeables/workstations etc. placed on the open ground (without foundations) will often decay within an hour. The larger the base foundations, etc, the longer it will take to decay – and I don’t think anything should really decay with the default settings until it is considered abandoned.

If the bases that are disappearing are very small or are items placed without foundations, then advise your players to set up decent foundations in their build areas.

Aside from that, its a bug/glitch that we can’t help with… and hopefully Funcom is able to address.

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