Question on db access as an Admin PS4

I know on PC there is way more options for db searching. Things like player times, charts, etc. But on PS4 is there a way to get my private servers db so i can search it for any signs of the current duping with dismantle benches, or is that even possible?

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You’re on GPortal, right? I have not hosted with them for a while now, but when I did I could drop in on my FTP site. They offer one with every server, and with PS4 hosting it is usually disabled by default so you’ll need to enable it in the web Control Panel. You have two choices with FTP: you can use a browser’s innate version, or you can use a client. I prefer CoreFTP, friends prefer FileZilla. Your DB should be under /ConanSandBox/Saved, and from there I’m pretty sure you know the drill with SQLite 3.

sweet. sounds much easier than using ghost mode (BTW it is bugged on PS$, can’t ghost for some reason.)

I didn’t know ghost was bugged. You mean you’ll actually take the time to watch them to see if they are doing the deed? That’s commitment.

Also if you ever suspect there is anything admin-related going on, the Server Logs record every single time admin priv is used and when anything is spawned by anybody. I have run a server next to my desk for about a month now, by drive activity you can actually hear when someone might be doing something nefarious. I’m sure you know all the dismantling bench vectors to look out for, and if it’s straight duplication, comparing today’s DB to tomorrow’s might give you all the evidence you need.

It is not my admins (I trust them 100%), but I suspect i may have a dismantler on the server. Which is a shame, as I have 4x harvest, 10x XP already. But people are addicted to not working i guess. But i would like proof so i can warn/discipline. My server is filled with new enthusiastic players, and i don’t want exploiters killing my server. I try an run minimal policing. It is my vent and PVE away from PVP officials, where i have spent 99% of my time.

So far i have a steady 20 people every day, and of those 6 have really liked the way i have it set up.
Sat/Sun is Euro raid friendly 1-7 estrn
Mon.Tues short raid 6-10 estrn
Admin created “dugeon” type raid bases for the radium Gem currency and other goodies based on difficulty.
And wed-Frid no raiding.
Events on Sundays pre raid as well, when i have time.

24/7 PVP and Freindly fire is same as default damage of pvp.

Heard that. I came here from GTA dupe hunting for fun ‘n’ profit: some folks are so passive, for them the sploit is the juice.

I put up with it on Officials, but personally I prefer 24/7 Raid on PvP because having defenders crippled off-hours is not my ideal gameplay. Did you publish your world over in Servers and Recruitment? What’s it called? ETA: nm, found it. Lotus Lickers!

Lotus Lickers
I wanted this to be more relaxed and controlled PVP days. 24/7 raid windows sound great, but for me i also have event log names admins only. This keeps the revenge factor way down. Plus with raid bases, i think it will be less hectic. Once i get a stable talented player base, i may bounty weeks and the such on other clans lol:)
Admins do not participate in a actual PVP of game. we are their just to relax. Way too many wars, and not enough just playing for me over the last 11 months.

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Gportal is a dung show for UI. There is no web controls, as they updated the page couple of months ago. so every link i find shows how to to it the old way. Trouble ticket sent.

g-portal hasn’t answered my trouble ticket, so i am turning to Funcom to see if it is even possible on PS4.

@Ignasi or @Tascha
I own a Server on PS4. I may have people who are abusing the dismantle bench. Before i go full ban mode, i want to have as much physical proof as possible. I would like to pull my db files and run a query (my actual real job lol) to see if to my eyes time spent in game v certain “duped” items are in their inventory. And g-portal has not responded to any of my tickets, and don’t really care imo, as they have my 3 months extension already in their accounts. Can either of you find out if it is even possible on PS4 to pull these files for owner access? Would like to know so i can rectify the situation soon for the other true gamers on my server.

This is very interesting. Maybe I was confused because I had a master account with PC and PS4. There is no DB access now (if ever).

Thanks. That sucks, because as an admin i am now at the mercy of Funcom internal testing for things like dismantling bench fiasco, and am very restricted to efficiently monitor my private, paid by me server with the ghost mode being broken on PS4. If they want this game to have any chance at long term on consoles, then they really need better admin tools, because we don’t have mods that can tweak game to long term fan goals/wants.

Sure, and I apologize for the bunk info. I could’ve sworn I FTPed into PS4 Ark servers too. Truly I am pampered by my PC world as well. When I want to know what’s who on a server I can pretty much gather info on

Not for nothing, I’m glad you drew my attention to this deficiency on the PS4.

Hey @WhatMightHaveBeen

You’ve got a DM :wink:

I replied back. Based on their answer, i am still screwed :rage:

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That’s… unfortunate :frowning:

I’m sure you’ve figured out a workaround by now. Are you able to share your solution? Also I’m fairly certain I need to rent a PS4 server from the portal, so if you want to pass on a referral code, I’ll get you some cheddar for your trouble.

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