Server rental... where to go for PS4 server rent

Hi all, considering renting a server but only one Iv seen so far for PS4 is GPortal. Just wondering if there are any others to look at and your experiences with them. Thanks in advance for any info :grin:

Nope, just Gportal for consoles. and not very admin friendly if you want to get creative. You are basically going to baby sit with limited tools to investigate.

Oh how so?
I do have a laptop I can use if needed but we play the game on PS4’s

PS4 cannot access log files from db. this restricts trying to verify offline raiding, and among other things dupers and overall trolls to ban with proof.

Also, without mods on consoles, whatever you spawn in NPC wise (not your own captured thralls) goes away after any resets or is killed. So creating fun dungeons is out fo the question, unless you want to log in every time someone want to run it to put out the enemies.

And once anyone see a Admin on (PVP) they will instantly message and complain about raid times, harvest rates, people “cheating” if they are getting beat square up.

Yeah I get people will whine and moan but iv accepted that. It would be our server and if they don’t believe we do everything the right way then they are free to leave if they do wish. Ground rules will be set and they won’t change even if people moan. I don’t want insta-everything or it will just be pointless.
We would have specified times when it came to the challenges/games and ask people to message if they want to give a particular game a go. We have lots of ideas

Could I not access the files on my laptop? I will happily use that for stuff but gameplay will be on the PS4.

Nope. Sony won’t allow access for security reasons. G-portal finally changed the advertisement to reflect the limited access an owner has to files.
You can Black list thru the site, a bit tricky, but not to bad. And you can change slot more settings than on front end. But even then, some are not actually active. the NPC/Thrall/Player Damage modifiers. Thrall and NPC are not separate. some of the UI is old and not actually doing anything when you change the numbers. It is not horrible, but other than having control on who plays on your server, very limited to make your server stand out from the others.

Also, some of the wipe fixes they do, they don’t do it to privates. And without .db access, can make it hard to fix on a private. the 50 stat glitch, they didn’t institute i believe on privates. Don’t know how that was handled by PS4 comm. And the invalid thrall wipe, didn’t happen either. Again, not very admin friendly on consoles. But if you have a dedicated group of friends that trust you won’t abuse admin privileges, it is worth a try for a 3 months i suppose. I did it for 6 months, and it went from being fun to a job real quick. but i also had an open server.

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