Lost All Thralls and Pets on Personal Server

I just logged in to my rented server by gportal from a 3 week hiatus. And all my active thralls, pets, etc are gone. Gone from list of thralls too. Only ones to survive or stay are the ones on benches or if they were stored in animal pen or cupboard. Any ideas on how I can get them back or am I just out of luck?

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Did you have thrall decay enabled?

Just do a restore from a backup. Provided you do backups. If not then it`s gone. All server owners should do a backup at least once a week or more.

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Welcome to the Forum. As was mentioned when you have thrall decay on they are gone after the timer hits unlike playing offline your server is running even when you are off. If you do load a backup every one else who’s been playing will lose their progress. @Lucidique @bigjohn am I correct on that part? I really need to backup myself only done it a few times over the years

A back-up should help, if you haven’t you can ‘schedule’ the server to make a back-up (on a daily basis should it be needed)

I’d advise anyone using Gportal to do this since they introduced an auto-delete a while back which deletes back-ups after a month.

(something I was not happy about lol)

Thanks for the advice will go check right.

Yup that`s right.

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I did a backup but didn’t see where to set daily or weekly it is set backup after updating. Thanks.

I see I left off now. Would like to see Gportal site more Conan- specific and user friendly. Not skilled with computers.

I don`t think you can schedule backups any more. You have to do it manually. I do mine once a week sometimes more.

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Thanks for the tip. Fivethirty in the morning or I can announce what I am doing. Left my self standing was still there after backup and loaded in.

Thank you all, and yes I had not done a back up, its my first server for Conan. Ill have to remind myself to do one once a week. Luckily my friends were understanding.

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Logging in last night just looking at pve-c ps4 easily a dozen 0 and 1 days old server’s. It can be fun owning your own.