Lost every combat thrall and pet. They were there two days ago Official Server 1941

I have lost every combat thrall and pet. There were there a couple of days ago. The base structure seems fine. This happened on Official Server 1941, though it appears this problem is widespread on other servers.

Please advise.

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Has been happening to many on multiple servers after a server crash today.


We need to stop playing Conan, then entire bases from the Nemedian set disappear, now thralls …

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Yes some in funcome have put in 1 day decaytime on thralls now when they went back to the normal 10 day house decaytime.

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off. Server #1016 same issue

I lost all i work hard on all 6 pve servers
rollback or bye bye conan

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I wonder if it’s someone at Gportal fell asleep and nodded off on a keyboard?

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Yes some have put ther jobb om gamble atleast

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this is not gportal case, they only lend servers, all who screw is some guy in funcom

Yup, they literally fat fingered the Thrall Decay Time server setting to 1 day instead of 10.

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up - same here i logged like 3 days ago and today found no single thrall

## Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2010

My entire clan has lost every combat thrall and pet in our bases as well as teleports please sort this out !!!

PVE-C 1940 Bases are fine, all placed pets and thralls gone. RIP Pac Biggie and Marshall.

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