Official 2502 - Thrall, Pet and Mount erased by Admins - Please correct

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## Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Other
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2502

## Bug Description:

Today when our clan members logged into the official 2502 server our bases were vacant, missing all the fighter and dancer thralls. Also missing were our pets and mounts. After reviewing the server logs, we have a number of messages from 2023.09.01-19.43.38 informing “THRALL NAME decayed because no member of the guild has been online in a long time.

Not sure what constitutes a long time, but I don’t think 2 days is a long time. Server logs indicate the last clan activity was 2023.08.29-23.38.57 when a player picked up a brazier from the Artisan Table. We know it is time to roll the timers back from 20 days to 10 days, and a change has also been made on the thrall decay timer as it is currently set to 1 days. :astonished:

It’s clear someone messed up, and a fix is needed before too much game play occurs as players attempt to replace missing items.

Please consider rolling back the servers to the closest restore point on 8.31.23 or even 8.30.23, before the decay update was made. The right thing to do is restore all players to that point in time, before our hard work to gather thralls and equip them with the armor and weapons with which they were adorned is completely lost.

Bug Reproducti Our clan did nothing to cause this bug. This an administrative error. >=BUG REPRO=


Same in 2500.


It was not done by Admin. Thrall decay got set to one day and on some servers base decay to 480 hours. My guess a problem with Gportal hopefully a roll back once Funcom realize what has happened. @Draklaan @RumorNli

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what ever they manage to do … its bad

We’re on 2502 as well. Same thing when we logged in this morning. Love Conan, but this will be hard to get over if it’s not fixed. Come on funcom, do us right and fix this quickly.

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Same in 2001 official every pet and thrall are gone and the log says it’s for decay due to long time of no logging in by the guild… And I was there 2 days ago, I am very demotivated at this point


@sestus2009 Thank you, I hope you are correct.

I appreciate the distinction between the server/service administration at Gportal and the Funcom programmers and administrators.

Fingers crossed the decision is made and communicated soon.

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@schoultzy - have seen your base on the river. yes, very de-motivated right now;

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