Everyone is gone?

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I have been playing on my own PvE Conan server (G-portal) for aprox. 500 houres (on PC). The last weeks I have not been playing due to work. Yesterday when i logged on, everyone was gone. All my tamed animals, all my guards and dancers, in all my citys and bases. Both old and new animals and people gone. None left? I have serveral “big” camps/citys build, and I don’t understand what has happend?

I know they expire and stuff, but not all at once? Some of my animals and guards and dancers where just tamed and shuold last for a long time. My thralls are ok, the ones that work in on the work stations…. What can I do?


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Does the Event Log tell anything about your thralls?

It sounds like you have building and thrall decay turned on in the server settings. (Note: these are two seperate settings.) And you did not log in before the decay times expired. Therefore the next time you logged in the game ran its time-elapsed scripts and despawned objects and thralls/pets.
And yes they will despawn at once if you haven’t logged in within the decay time.
The default decay timer for official servers for thralls/pets is 14 days, with them despawning after 15 days.
For buildings the usual maximum decay timer is 168 hours. (It’s higher at the moment for the USA/EU summer.)

As server admin you can turn off the decay settings for the entire server.

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Hi Camilla, I’m sorry for your distress. I hope one of us may be of assistance. @Kwalya seems to have an answer: decay.

Regardless of how it happened, if you’re missing your buildings and companions, your game files will likely be empty. Your Conan server resides in one file, game.db. The server makes a backup of game.db, and names it something like game_backup_8.db but it does it with such frequency that any backup is by now overwritten.

Your best hope is to remember exactly when you last played, and look in this same DB folder for savegames that might have been made during game patches. For instance, the recent Warmaker Patch might’ve made a backup called game_upgrade_tags_30_1.db or the like. An earlier savegame may contain all, or some of your buildings and belongings. Good luck.

The same thing happened to me just following an update. An update is the most likely culprit. If not, a corrupt game.db file.

Thanks guys. I don’t know why, but there is no building decay - nor have i changed the decay rate in the setting. Just all my animals and all mye guards and dancers. My buildings and storage is fine. Very frustrating. But I have made them once, and I can make them again. My new elephant is already in place :slight_smile: But how can it all die in weeks… strange.

Thanks for your kind words.

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