All pets disappear suddenly


I play multiplayer on a private server (rented through 4netplayers) and it now happened the second time that all our pets/thralls are gone.
There is no entry in the event log. They’re just gone.

Anyone know why? This is super annoying!


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I don’t “know” why.
But I suspect that they decayed, or expired.
Pets and Thralls are subject to time limits just like buildings.

Sometimes, and it has happened to me, when I was unable to play for two weeks.
All my pets and thralls were gone. But the building had not been touched and reset when I logged in.

You have 7 days before your buildings reach a decayed state, pet’s and thralls have a bit longer, I was unable to get a conclusive time from my testing.

But that is my guess they despawned because of too much time away from the game.

It is just a guess, you’ll know if it’s possible or not.
Either way nothing will or can be done short of a server data base roll back.


Welcome to the forum. You’ll get a better answer from the admin of your server and not from here.
If the admin of this server is not ever present and he does not restart the server, or place an order for auto restart, then this is the beginning of many problems to continue.
Start by asking admin first.


Yep, as @stelagel says, check with the Admin for the server you’re on.
It sounds very much liek Decay and you can see what that’s set at by checking the Server Settings (Settings).

You also need to feed your thralls and pets. Make sure you have a Feedbox for pets and a Thrall Feeder for Thralls. Make sure you have stocked them up. Make sure all your thralls/followers are within the range of the feeding box. You can also add large stacks of food into the follower inventory. A kind of cheat is to put lots of gruel for thralls and fibre and uncooked meat in animals.


IF the pets and thralls decay there will be an entry in the events log. If there’s no entry, then it’s a bug or I suspect someone with admin rights is at foul play.

I played in many private servers that the event log was “empty”, but only in private servers I witnessed this thing, never in official, never in single player.
Maybe you are experiencing a bug, maybe, but first speak with the admin, maybe he changed a parameter or maybe his absence is causing issues for not restarting the server so it is loosing data.
Other than that if your admin deals with this kind of situations in his, her server, it is his, her responsibility to bring it here and no others.
Speak to your admin…
Good luck

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