Thralls and pets gone?

Don’t know if this is a bug or if it was because the update changed something but all of my Thralls and pets are gone. R.I.P. Boarcough The Magnificent. Did anyone else lose all of their people and pets?

P.S. This was on PC

Funcom changed the thrall/pet system that if a player (or no one from a clan) logs in for 14 days in a row then the game deletes all thralls & pets.

Did you log into that character in the last 14 days ?
Are you on a private server?
Is the building decay turned off on that server?
Or is the building decay time longer than 14 days?
Are you a solo or playing co-op with building decay turned on and haven’t logged in for over 14 days?

I moved. Like IRL moved away. It’s the 14 day thing then. That sux. I loose 4 months of thrall hunting because I was too busy with real life to get on for two weeks.

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