All my pets/thralls have disapeared on two diff servers

my base and items are still there, but pets/thralls are all gone. Nothing listed in followers list, nothing in event log what happened. What can I do? Game won’t let me file ticket, just says go to forums.

Did you check your event log (esc events). Choose event type (like thralls), radius,time and submit.
edit: sorry didn’t read properly. But vanishing thralls should be an event.

yes i maxed everything out on event log

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I’ve had this happen a couple of times on different servers. Once I lost all thralls (with no mention in logs) and many benches. I rebuilt my empire of thralls and benches and maybe 6 months later the old ones all just turned up. New benches overlapped with old, dozens of extra thralls all exactly where they were before. It was a private server. It’s never happened to me on public. I have tried to fix the issue by replacing the game.db file (or equivalent on Siptah, Savage Wilds, etc) with mixed success.

For example, usually this has happened when I was just logging in normally without having made any recent changes to server. But once I tried firing up a new server (G-Portal) using my old game.db save files. It was also heavily modded. When I pasted the game.db file in the correct folder for the server, then loaded mods, it seemed to cause my thralls to not appear although all my buildings were loading in ok. (Although one time when I did this with Ancient Civilisation mod, the base I’d built with that mod’s pieces did not appear). I shut the server, pasted the game.db in again (over-writing the one I’d just played with) and fired up the server again. All came back. Have tried the same thing (I think I got the above order exactly the same) later on a different server with mostly the same mods (we’re talking 50-80 mods) but the thralls did not come back in that case. Could be I had one or more mods that second time that didn’t like what I was doing? Not sure if the above is relevant at all (e.g. if you’re just on single player or official server or… ?) but I hope it at least helps think it out.

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