Possible to see admin abuse?


Hello, so me and my friends are kinda new to Conan Exiles (we play on PS4), we have rented a server from gportal. We have been playing for like a week now and some of us are suspecting our admin (which is one of our friends) that he might be cheating a little, especially with teleporting and using cloak. So my question is, is there anyway to see if he is doing any of these things??? Ive tried to use the Event Log but it seems to only capture very simple stuff like who took items from chests and when the server started/stopped etc. Again we play on PS4 :smiley:
Thank you alot for the help! <3

If you are in a clan with the admin, you may see his icon on the map. If he travels fast in areas without maprooms and obelisks, he is likely using admin teleport on the map. Other than that it is not easy to catch an admin at cheating, if he does not do it blatantly.

Alright thank you! so there is no like log files saved of the PS4 which i can see more detalied logs of that have happend?
problem is that we think he is usally doing it when the others are gone…

Not in defense of your friend, who may or may not be cheating, but sometimes it’s necessary/acceptable for an admin to cheat a little… had issues in a different game that cause a group of my friends and I to lose everything we’d built or gathered more than once. After the first time, our admin started cheating in resources to rebuild quickly with. After the third time we found a different server provider and haven’t had that issue since.

yea i get that, but we clearly agreed on noone use the admin tools, but i really think he is, because he has been in places he should not have been able to be without neccecary weapons and armors…

Back when red lotus flower would not grind up. I made the players bring me the flower, and I would exchange it for powder via admin.

I was a cheater

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Yes and no, you provided a service the game did not.

Is he doing nefarious things with admin powers? Maybe he’s setting up something for y’all. I’ve used my admin abilities (including cloak & teleport) to place scavenger hunt items around the map more easily.

Have you asked him what he’s doing and whether he’s using admin tools for it? Possible answers include:

  1. Admitting using admin powers for his own gain. Ask him nicely not to do it anymore.
  2. Admitting using admin powers for the benefit of the server, or to prepare something for other players. This should be fine.
  3. Denying the use of admin powers. He may be telling the truth, which of course would be fine, or he may be lying, which of course would be a problem. Having an admin who doesn’t trust the players and whose players can’t trust him can’t be a long-lived relationship.

Thank you for the good advice, i will ask him forsure

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