Conan Exiles Admin Abuse

Good day, please assist?

We have been playing on a new server and there are basically 4 clans on the server and thus far no raids took place until the last few days.

We were raided, quite exiting to see all your hard work gone but that the game only to find that there is no record in the Event Log of what happened.

Can the Admin edit the Event log and is it fear doing so?

Furthermore Is it justifiable to demolish everything as if you never existed?

Where do we draw the line and move on…

New player… asking advice.


Is this happening on official or private server? On official, there are no admins. On private, admins can do whatever they feel like.

On PVP servers its the wild west. they can domolish everything if they want.

Just wish to check that you know you have to press SUBMIT button on the lower right of the event log to get it to populate with the recorded events.
I believe on official servers you should see that items have been taken by “another player” indicating it’s someone not in your clan.

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