Server Logs Broken on Private Servers

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug / Patch / Broken
Server type: PvE Server
Region: UK/EU

Private Server Admin cannot access All players Logs in Server Log

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Logged in as Admin
  2. Access Server Logs
  3. Only see log for Admin and not for any other players

The Server logs worked as expected a week or so ago. When logged in as Admin, the Admin could see all player logs in the Event log. For some peculiar reason, this has been removed? This does not make sense as the server log is necessary for any Admin to verify and resolve issues.

If this necessary and previously active feature has been left out by accident then it would help to know when it will be restored. If this is now no longer going to be part of the game, I am sure other private server Admins would also appreciate knowing why?

@Tascha @Jens_Erik Ignasis

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Hey @Grymm

What’s your server set to on EventLogCauserPrivacy?
If it’s set to 0, everybody can see the causer, to 1 only the admin and 2 it will be visible to no one.

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Thanks for the fast feedback @Ignasi - um…:slight_smile: where do I find that setting? I Checked serversettings.ini and there’s no reference to anything Event Log related? I also find nothing in the in-game Server Settings?

Should I add a line to the serversettings.ini and if so, as I cannot find EventLogCauserPrivacy by searching, am not sure what the exact format is?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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Agree, would also love know more about the possible settings now out for servers.
Logs where changed over time several times, so bit confusing.

Some link would be helpfull here. Thanks!

This is allegedly the comprehensive list for server settings and does not refer to the event log:
Perhaps there’s somewhere else?

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Yes, but that’s the standart settings, nothing fancy !

These are all in the control pannel.
But i’m looking for the additional lines that can be added in ini.files.

But thanks anyway ! :wink:

:smiley: - yes Vattende, me too - but I think that’s a query sitting with the FunCom ‘Yoda’ Ignasis

I have done a number of searches to see whether there’s a list of additional settings Admins can add to their Server ini, but nothing yet. The only one I know that often needs to be added to the ini is the nudity setting.

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Sure, who not, after all this time. :sweat_smile:

But i agree, the rest we see sparely, maybe a post here and there, but it’s like inworld, a hunt, a puzzle, to get the big picture.

So, yes, a link would be such of great ! :pray:

Hey again,

This one should be added manually. Our team is still working on it, so it could still present some issues.
If that’s still the case, we’ll send the report to our team as a bug :stuck_out_tongue:
Additionally, we’re working on adding some updated documentation for server admins, which as you all know by now…it’s about time. Still no ETA for that yet…


@Ignasi good day to you. Is there any chance of PS4 admin getting something similar. Can only see our clan events since we got the server about a year now or less. Thanks in advance.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Yeah @Ignasi I was guessing that you’d perhaps jumped the gun or were thinking about TestLive - and the setting looks really excellent and puts the power in the Admin hands (so players can blame us and not FunCom) rofl

I will give the line EventLogCauserPrivacy=1 a try on my server. If it explodes I will roll back - if not I will feedback to you :slight_smile:


PS4 admins should also be able to add this line to their server setting files on the G-Portal admin panel, manually.

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There’s really not much going on in Testlive, so that would be a weird slip :eyes:
This setting slipped through the cracks when we released the huge patch with some changes to the event log.

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Uh. I’ve only been waiting desperately to see the event logs as admin since the change was made, made multiple posts on here and Reddit and this is the first I’m hearing that I can take a look.

What INI does this line go in???

I just dropped the line about ten lines down in the file, BUT it is not working yet (I had initially thought it was). FunCom Devs are busy on it as part of the fix to address the ‘Want to know’ and ‘do not want to know’ camps of players :slight_smile:

(I withdrew my over-excited ‘It’s Working’ post when I realised it wasn’t yet) @Ignasi

@Ignasi can I please get some clarification here? I’ve been dying to have log access as a private server admin. Browsing the database is doable, but time consuming and unreliable

Hey @Mad_Marius, @Ignasi has confirmed that the setting further up in this stream is part of the adjustments being made, and if passing standard testing, be deployed. It looks like the Admin will be able to tweak the setting to everyone see all, only Admins see all, or everyone only see their own stuff. We’re just going to have to be patient for now.

I dont interpret what he said as meaning that.

It looks to me like it can be set but it ‘could still present some issues’ and that they’re ‘working on adding some updated documentation for admins’

Also ‘there’s not much going on on testlive, so that would be a weird slip’

Which INI did you try this in. I’m about to just go through every one

@Mad_Marius - yep, quite right. I am in chats with FunCOm regarding this and what we can expect to have. Hopefully it will be good.
This is in the ServerSettings.ini

@Grymm so, this setting currently doesn’t work then?