Event log privacy settings on private server

Where can we see the privacy setting for the event logs? We want it so people can see who has stole from them. Also what is the setting for the doors and chests to be locked to everyone except clan members.
Thank you

EventLogCauserPrivacy=0 - 0 is for all can see, 1 for admin, 2 for noone
NoOwnership=False - allows land to be claimed. If you set it to “true”, everyone will be able to access everything i.e noone can own anything
ContainersIgnoreOwnership=False - containers are restricted to clan

in the settings menu in game while logged into server, the 2 settings should be unchecked–just in case you aren’t comfortable changing it in the actual .txt file. They should be listed in the general settings tab where you set pvp, raid, etc…
The event log is the very last one listed, and i think the ownership is in the middle somewhere on the list.

Thanks. The containers and doors still don’t seem to lock even with the boxes unticked. It’s driving me mad as we had people just walk in base and strip me of my two sets of armor :pensive: