Remove event log on official pvp server

Remove event log on official pvp server, and “you killed”

What do you think ?

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Nope, not a good idea sorry. At launch there was no event log, and people fight way less. Turns out when no-one knows who killed them most players just don’t kill anyone. People want revenge and a reason to fight. It’s too hard trying to figure out who to look for so people just don’t bother.

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On Rust there is no log and that’s very good, I fight all the time, I raid all the time, I play alone, and I find myself very quickly with several clans see the server on me , I find that silly, it’s medieval and people have to know who killed or raided them, precisely I have the impression that people don’t hit each other because they’re afraid of reprisals, I would like to at least have the choice to play on an official server without the event log, a hardcore server if you will

(To join my other post, a solo server without clan, and without event log)

You’d think that wouldn’t you? Yeah I dunno, I’m just telling you how it was when there was no log. I’ve never played Rust, is the map big? The map in Conan is pretty huge, it can take ages to find people.

Gigantic map on Rust, and people are less harassed, everyone fights so it’s natural, a lot less crying on the chat

I also like the fact that there is no raid schedule, there on conan exiles you are scared from 6pm to 11pm, whereas on Rust it is all the time, so you are not scared
In addition to conan I feel like a rabid dog between 6 p.m. and 11 p.m., I force myself to raid as much as possible, as it is limited

Yeah I’d prefer 24 hour raid too. It was like that on Conan a while back, I think it was better personally.

Why? Are you afraid on 1088 dear Lynax who is greifing the server? LMAO

I speak on behalf of the people

And no, it’s the 1088 server that’s afraid of me ^^

Thank you for this little moment :slight_smile:

Hehe, only the naked level 10’s is afraid of you :slight_smile:

Oh well do you believe that ? :smiley:
And you, who are you ?
You are not afraid of Lynax’s punishment :stuck_out_tongue:

This ain’t Rust. Conan Exiles is not that kind of PvP game.

It’s irrelevant, what kind of game is it?
Exactly, in Rust there is even a mobile application (irl) to use in-game cameras and see the rendering on your mobile (irl)
Why on a medieval fantasy game we have access to an in-game computer ?

What is the point ? you seem to know the answer

I do.
Conan Exiles is not a PvP game.
It does have PvP involved but until you reach the point of PvPing…you PvE.

Event log being one of those features that supports/offers PvP. Take it out and you make it even more less PvP then it is now.

It would add more PVP solo assaults and allow me…ummmm I mean a more devious player to promote clan wars on servers with framing others. (Fun fact, you can name horses and thalls the exact same way another clan does and so when a corpse is found…hey I’m just saying)

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I once saw a two person clan of master chaos-makers do this. They named all of their thralls and characters after the characters in a sub-clan of the alphas. Then they attacked everyone. The player list was funny to see. I’ve also seen a character called Cannibal Brute :rofl:

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False, I once brought someone to Conan Exiles, on the way to join me he managed to kill a guy. The pvp is open from level 1, and to survive you must fight, steal their resource to delay them, and develop faster than them

Event log kills PvP, people are afraid of retaliation, if they want a deal they have to go to a pve server without raiding/gear loss

I want a hardcore pvp server, for me essential for a Conan, an exile without clans who distrusts everyone, and not a computerized diary that whispers in your ear everything that happens and by whom

In any case, you have to satisfy everyone, if you’re satisfied, good for you, you can stay on your server with the rules you like, but we also need servers for other types of players.

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Rent one, Funcom ain’t offering anything then what we currently have. If you want to RP-PvP there are plenty of private servers.

You want servers on your liking or Event log removed? I am confused.

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I play on official to keep my character, private wype servers and may have unpaid
I just ask for an official hardcore solo server without event log and without the possibility of clan