Event Log is a mess. This was clearly not ready for release

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: US

  1. If you are purged, the entry says “was destroyed by .”

There is no way to know this was a purge. People are going to think they were raided. I only know because I was there for the purge.

  1. To see some Log entries (not sure when) you must be at the location where it happened. If this is intended, you are confusing the hell out of people and its a very bad idea. Makes people think the log is not working at all.

  2. There are other issues, but until the above 2 are cleared up, you can’t even properly test it. How this made it to live is beyond me!

Please provide a step-by-step process

  1. Get any event
  2. Look at the log, most often its unusable

Yep, might as well be offline raided and enjoy your gaming time on something else. You now have 1 of 2 choices, you can stay at base all raid time (SUCH FUN!!!) or go out to raid while they are raiding you. Which basically kills any PvP melee (This is Conan world right???) and makes it a TNT and GOD farming race, with some cat and mouse added because we all love to be obby killed bouncing around the map during raid hours:/.

The new tactic is to get more people on line from your clan at start of raid time, so you can have someone stay back and you raid when you see you have the numbers from the players list. If event log stays like it is, then they need to remove the players list, and make it only that clan mates see each other. So it is a gamble when you get to a base. And make it so you would only know who is online if you ran across them and ID’d them in the wild.

Example…i log in and see only 3 of my enemies online, and we have 6.
Both clans have 2 bases, on either side of the map (most clans do this at a minimum…main base and a factory)
Here is the strategy…
attacking clan
best builders, repairers stay back at bases (1 at each). prep for repairing.
4 people go out—2 enc bomber, 2 fighters. mass attack one, keeping all three enemies there. which now means 1 of the 2 repairers can “kamikaze” the other base as long as they want and keep tabs on players list and who is at the base protecting.

Defending clan:
They basically have to choose, keep all three to 3 v 4, split 2 people to protect both bases an keep 1 to “bounce” (causing 1 v 4 at the main attack occasionally, or
keep one back, send 2 out to raid (again leaving 1 v 4, but 2 v 1 for them), or go full tilt and send out all three (which in turn means 2 people break off from attackers and return to create 3 v 2 at thier bases, and 0 v 2 at their main attack).
oh by the way, the enemy wouldn’t know if the other base is being hit if they aren’t at it when this all starts. Such FUN!!!

With the players list, there is no risk when planning attack other than lag and maybe under estimation of what is needed. Without a players list, you wouldn’t know how much resistance you are facing. You have to be more tactical, and not just grief raid when you have the numbers, and then back off when they are even again. The unknown would heighten the game play in my opinion.

All i ever see in my log is server started. I have killed off 15 thralls, but nothing in the log about it. This is on official 1504.

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