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can someone explain why i have to be in my house to know its being attacked. i need some serious answers because we already have low health vaults.


What do you mean? Cause and effect please.

He is talking about how event logs are now tied to “areas” , so if you go out to farm, during raid time, you won’t get an update on your event log. Which means if you only have time to play game during raid hours, you are basically just hanging at your base to avoid coming home to nothing.

Basically the PVP servers will be for people who literally spend 16 hours a day on the game, because they will be farming tnt mats during non raid times, and blowing in to your crap when you log in and do some farming after a long day of school or work.


I did not realize this change. That it just stupid.

yeah…apparantly the want detailed in the notes. kind of a buggy, but NoFunCom:/


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