Event Log not working

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Game breaking Bug]
Server type: [PvP]
Region: [Russia]

[Describe the bug here]

The event log doesnt track entries. Inconsistently some things show up, then disappear again, attacks on a clans assets is not registered at all.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Log in, build something, get attacked, and see nothing get no notification, not who it was, when, what etc. making everything obsolete.
  2. Rollback or Hotfix
  3. ASAP
  4. thx

Experiencing the exact same on our server! People aren’t seeing anything in their event logs BUT server restarts. Hope you guys can figure this out stat!

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Same issue on PS4.

Log only shows server restarts.

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Still no reply from Funcom?

cant log in now but b4 it was only printed server starts on the list

When I am close to the building it happend to I can see event log entries, but only nearby the building nowhere else

I have the issue as well. on PC official US server PvE.
I get a list of timestamped server starts. totally useless to me.
I actually used the event log before this to pinpoint repairs.

From what I have observed, the Event Log now appears to be proximity based. So, if you are near your base or structures that have been destroyed by either purge or other players, the record of that destruction will show up. If you leave that area, it will disappear from the Event Log. If you return, it will come back.

This is TOTALLY worthless. We DEPEND on the Event Log to tell us about damage to our assets at locations where we are not presently at. A proximity-based Event Log is pointless. I would consider this game-breaking for PvP play, and really needs to be corrected ASAP.


i don’t think that the event log should work as expected here. you shouldn’t magically ‘see’ at one end of the card what’s happening at the other end of the card. i don’t think that makes much sense and it’s not immersive. my opinion

Good morning :slight_smile:

So, the event log system is a bit of work in progress still. The first part of the code went in with the first half of the 34 update and the second part of the code went in yesterday (on PC and will be in once we patch to consoles as well). What is currently missing is the actual UI/Backend where you will be able to choose the filters. Among those filters is indeed one where you can choose to only display events that happen in your general area. My guess is that this filter is turned on by default atm.

I’ll ping the programmer who has worked on the new adjustments to the log and ask him for clarification.
In any case - the vicinity log filter is not supposed to be default or the only thing that should give you input :slight_smile:
We’ll have a proper guide/tutorial/explanation for you once we have the GUI ready and patched in so you know exactly how to get the info you need.


So it as youre emplyes, loyal thralls send a runer to you to info you whats hapen/ call for help…

Thanks for the clarification. This is the first we have received any feed back after numerous posts about the event log not working. Why was this not mentioned in the patch notes as a known issue or something.

Because it slipped through the cracks.
We will change it so the event log will cover the whole map for now. As mentioned, once the UI for the filters is in, you can choose yourself what is displayed and by adjusting a slider also choose proximity for events that are supposed to be tracked from very close range to covering the whole map.

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Thanks for this. It really is disconcerting to not have a log especially on a pvp server!

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